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Power your digital transformation with Microsoft 365

Provide your users with the productivity & collaboration tools they need, wherever they are working.

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By combining our knowledge of your organisation with our Microsoft 365 consultancy expertise, we can take you from envisioning and strategy development to implementation and adoption. Throughout our engagement, we work with you to understand your needs and explore ways Microsoft 365 can support your organisational requirements while ensuring that you’re getting the best value from your investment.

We have been a Microsoft partner for over 30 years and have a huge amount of knowledge and experience across Microsoft 365 to help your organisation design and implement services like SharePoint, Teams, Exchange and OneDrive.

Whether you are looking for help with your datacentre services, want to complete a Microsoft 365 migration, wish to implement an intranet, or anything else, our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants and engineers are ready to help.

We can help you:

  • Resolve key organisational challenges through the use of Microsoft 365
  • Design and implement all Microsoft 365 solutions
  • Ensure the security of your users, data and services
  • Maximise your investment in Microsoft 365 through improved adoption and increased productivity
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We provide consultancy across the Microsoft 365 suite

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Chat, collaborate and share with Teams

In the new era of hybrid working, it is crucial for organisations to fully support collaboration between individuals, internal teams, partners and customers regardless of where they are and what device they are using.

We help our customers to achieve this through Microsoft Teams, a leading solution that takes centre stage as a communications and collaboration hub, allowing people to interact and work together intuitively and effectively using audio, video, chat, whiteboards, file sharing and more.

Even in its standard form, Teams offers fantastic collaboration and communications capabilities, but Microsoft has enhanced it even more with the recently released Teams Premium option.  This expands on the core product by offering additional functionality by:

  • Enabling standardised meeting settings using templates
  • Deploying enhanced branding
  • Creating automated meeting summaries
  • Adding confidentiality protection
  • Delivering a better external attendee experience
  • Enabling the hosting of enhanced webinars with a virtual green room, attendee registration workflow and pre-meeting comms.
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Store, organise and manage information with SharePoint

SharePoint is Microsoft’s primary collaborative solution, enabling storage, management and access to documents and information across a wide range of business scenarios. Our consultants have implemented hundreds of SharePoint solutions for our customers, ranging from intranets to records or document management systems.

We can help you by providing end-to-end SharePoint consultancy  – design, configuration, migration and adoption – or we can support you at any specific stage of the process, even if it is only best practice advice and guidance to your internal teams.

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Store your personal files in OneDrive

To support more flexible working profiles, locations and devices, OneDrive provides a cloud-based file storage solution that replaces legacy local file shares and networked storage servers.

We help our customers to implement, migrate and adopt OneDrive while ensuring that privacy, security and sharing are managed effectively to adhere to company policy, data regulations and compliance criteria.

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Exchange is still the best for email

One of Microsoft’s most well-known applications, Exchange, is the core email messaging platform in Microsoft 365.

We have extensive skills and experience with both the on-premises and cloud-based Exchange solutions, whether a greenfield implementation or migration from Microsoft or other platforms.

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There's much more to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 includes over 20 applications. Including Yammer providing workplace social, Planner for task management, Forms to support information capture and Stream for organisational video, plus many more.

We have the skills and experience to help organisations like yours implement and, importantly, maximise the benefit of these applications.

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Governance logo Governance

Giving your users services and applications in cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 can be very easy, however, you also need to make sure that you have a clear plan for governance and compliance.

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Security logo Security

With the enablement of ‘work anywhere’ opportunities, and the prevalence of cyber threats and bad actors, the security of your cloud platform is incredibly important.

We can help to ensure your devices, users, services and data are protected.

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Support logo Support

Microsoft 365 is powerful and reliable, particularly as Microsoft looks after all the physical infrastructure. But if you need assistance, guidance or help with the thousands of configuration settings, where can you go?

You’re not alone.

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Help your staff to work more effectively with Microsoft 365 by distributing learning and skills development to business champions.

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Take a step towards improving your security posture by reviewing your Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication configuration.

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If you’re looking to create or update your SharePoint intranet, our Modern SharePoint Intranet Envisioning Process accelerator will give your in-house team valuable advice & assistance

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If one of your targets is to migrate content from your on-premises platforms into Microsoft 365, our accelerators can help you get started

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Manage, monitor and govern the use of administrative access across your Azure and Microsoft 365 platforms.

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