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Digitise your business processes to meet the demands of the hybrid working world

Power up your organisation by transforming, digitising and automating your business processes

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Access high-value innovation at speed

Demand for efficiency through automation is increasing, with a desire to reduce the manual nature of simple tasks while enhancing processes for the benefit of the organisation.

Whether you’re seeking to digitise a process, create a business application or a chatbot, Microsoft Power Platform provides the ideal route to achieving these goals.

By engaging with us for business process automation services, we can help you to meet evolving business requirements and workforce demands, enabling you to digitise processes, improve efficiency and innovate fast while keeping your hybrid workforce connected.

And all of this can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of doing the same thing with traditional development approaches!

With Microsoft Power Platform, you can:

  • Create applications to securely manage and process data and information
  • Streamline processes and enhance efficiency
  • Save valuable time to focus on value-adding tasks


Solve complex business process requirements

Our team of process automation consultants can empower your organisation by building custom applications, creating automated workflows, visualising organisational data and much more.

By getting to know your organisation and how it works, we can help you to simplify business processes, improve efficiency and unlock operational value, as well as ensure the Power Platform is used in a secure and compliant way by your people.

Create Applications

Need an application to help manage a business operation? Do you have a forms or document-based workflow that would benefit from digitisation?

Do you need to capture textual information, take pictures, integrate with other systems, manage workflows or enable easy access to data from one or more systems, and do you need to do this while online or offline?

We build solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform to allow our clients to deliver all these requirements and more.  We have created numerous solutions, simple and complex, to help organisations and businesses be more efficient, reduce errors, deliver improved governance and gain many other benefits.

Replace Paper Processes

A typical problem is the prevalence of paper processes, where a form may be filled in, moved from one person to another, signed-off by another and even transposed to a spreadsheet or similar.  Converting these processes into a Power Platform solution will simplify the process, standardise the data entry, enable automated workflow sign-off, remove re-keying time and errors, and more.

Our consultants have converted hundreds of legacy process into efficient and feature-rich digital automations.

Replace Spreadsheets

Undoubtedly, the spreadsheet is one of the greatest creations of the information technology age. Apart from its core capability to manage numerical and financial data, it is often used to provide pseudo-databases, to manage processes and generally do far more than it really should.

Moving these solutions from spreadsheets to the Power Platform enables increased functionality, better data management, complex workflows, change history and a myriad of other enhancements that are either not possible or very difficult to achieve in a spreadsheet.

Surface Information

Your organisation will have significant amounts of data held across your systems, files and other data, and it may be that your employees need to reference multiple systems to complete a task.  A Power Platform solution can bring all these data sources into one place so that your users have the required data in one place, making their job simpler, reducing errors and potentially enabling additional functionality to be added.


Visualise Data

Organisations and businesses have huge volumes of data stored across multiple systems but often it is difficult to extract real value from this data.  But what if you could virtually pull it into a single place, create the relationships between the data sets and then visualise it all in a dynamic way that allows you to pick out the key indicators and trends, as well as offering the ability to drill down into the data by selecting specific elements of interest?

We build data visualisation solutions that deliver all this and more for our customers using Power BI, part of the Power Platform.

  • Create graphs, charts and information from multiple data sources.
  • Build relationships within and across datasets.
  • Display information in different ways to suit different audiences, whether business leaders, managers or other users.
  • Manipulate views in real-time, to drill down into data or focus on a specific aspect.
Automate Workflows & Processes

Every business or organisation has processes that the staff follow.  Sometimes these are simple, such as a purchase order with a manager’s approval, or they can be extremely complex, with many different tools and people involved.  If these processes are either paper-based, or using tools such as Word or Excel, a number of issues may be relevant:

  • They may not work effectively in today’s hybrid world, with people working in different locations
  • There will likely be no audit trail for changes
  • Authorisations may not be secure
  • Data entry may not be validated to be correct
  • Flow progress cannot be easily tracked
  • Notifications via email or Teams chat are difficult to implement

For our customers that are looking to improve or digitise their processes and workflows, we create solutions using Power Automate, the automation component of the Power Platform suite.

This solution works as an integrated or standalone component to automate processes, tasks and activities.  Configured with thousands of built-in connecters, triggers and actions, it can work with virtually any cloud service and desktop applications to automate virtually any process-related scenario.

Ultimately, enterprise process automation can increase efficiency, reduce errors and allow your people to achieve more in a shorter time.

Provide Automated Assistance Through Chat

If you are familiar with the automated chatbot, which appears on many websites, you will know that you can ask a question, and an automated response will reply in context while offering you the next step or asking for more information to further clarify the request.

We help our customers to deliver custom chatbot solutions using Copilot Studio from Microsoft.  We build chat solutions that can be integrated in any Power Platform app, Teams or other custom application.

Get in touch to discuss your business process and automation needs with our experts.

Interested in how we can help you?

If you have a project requirement or simply want to find out more about us and how we might be able to help you, fill in your details and one of our team will come back to you.

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Got people with an interest in development skills?

One of the key aspects of the Power Platform is that, because of its visual, guided approach,  the skills required to create solutions are not as high as for traditional development methods.

If you have power users or IT staff with skills or an interest in development, macros, or scripting, etc., they could potentially build Power Platform solutions in-house.

There’s a huge amount of learning and support available online so it is an achievable target for those that are interested.

We can even help by providing training, advice and guidance, to improve your the capabilities of these ‘citizen developers.’

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Develop more complex solutions with our Power Platform experts

Although devolving application development to business users can be of great value, there is only so far they can likely go without expert input. With more complex solutions requiring skills and experience beyond that of an end-user or citizen developer, our Power Platform consultants can help you transform basic solutions into game-changing tools featuring the advanced functionality, reliability and scalability your organisation requires.

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Governance is key

To realise the benefits of Power Platform, you also need to consider how it should be governed and managed so that its use doesn’t put your data or organisation at risk.

This is particularly important if you do allow your business users to create solutions.

By deploying the Microsoft Centre of Excellence (COE), we can help you control and manage how your people are using Power Platform and ensure their activities are secure and compliant at all times. With our support, you can put the right processes in place to monitor and manage your environment, with safeguards that enable secure innovation at speed.

Business Process Digitisation & Automation featured image
Power Platform is incredibly capable and flexible

We have built numerous applications and solutions to meet everyday business process and automation needs, including:

HR data capture

New starter process

In-field (offline) data capture

Site safety


Asset management

Car fleet maintenance

Need help to support your Power Platform solutions?

Typically, Power Platform is so flexible and capable that it provides solutions that quickly become business critical.

While Power Platform is very reliable, things can break and you may need help to resolve these issues.

Our  Power Platform Care solution provides proactive support and much more.

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