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Proactive support for your Power Platform environment

Power Platform Care – A proactive support service to keep your Power Platform environment fit for purpose

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With Power Platform comes great responsibility

Microsoft Power Platform is a fantastic solution allowing the fast development of applications and solutions that can make your processes and operations really efficient and effective. One of the particularly great aspects of the Power Platform is the opportunity for your organisation’s employees, whether business or technical, to create applications and automations.

However, developing and using applications is one thing. There is also a need to manage the environment, to understand what is happening within your platform and to make sure that it continues to operate as you would wish.

Whether by design or stealth, it is likely that Power Platform applications and automations will become critical parts of your operations, and so the administration, management and governance implications become even more important.

Ultimately, a poorly managed Power Platform environment could become a liability, resulting in system unavailability, poor performance, operational interruptions or other undesirable outcomes.

What are the common Power Platform challenges you might encounter?

  • Unrestrained application sprawl
  • Failing automations
  • Lack of resource capacity
  • A deficit of support capacity
  • Non-availability of applications
  • Exposure of sensitive data

Without managing these challenges you could find that your Power Platform solutions don’t run as your users would expect, business processes are interrupted, you may have supportability difficulties, or your data security could be compromised.

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What are the features of Power Platform Care?

Onboarding Proactive assurance Escalation support Enhancement pack
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Getting to know your Power Platform system

At the start of this service, we will onboard your solutions and personnel so that we have a full understanding of the environment we will be supporting.

As part of this onboarding, we will:

  • Review your current platform
  • Produce a baseline compliance and governance report
  • Create an Asset Reference Guide
Power Platform Proactive Support featured image
Know that your Power Platform environment is in an optimum state

The Proactive Assurance element of Power Platform Care ensures that your environment is maintained in an optimum state by reviewing key parameters and highlighting any issues that need attention.

This service includes:

  • A monthly health check, report and recommendations covering storage usage, flow analysis, a Microsoft update assessment and other checks
  • Storage capacity review
  • Data loss prevention policy review
  • An environment review to validate changes across the platform
  • Updating the Asset Reference Guide
Power Platform Proactive Support featured image
Don’t worry, we’ll fix your issues

We find the Power Platform to be a highly reliable system, but of course, things can fail. If this does happen, we will manage and resolve the issue, allowing you to focus on your business-as-usual activities.

Power Platform Proactive Support featured image
Got some ideas for improvements? We can help with that

Whatever Power Platform solutions you create, there is a high likelihood that you will keep coming up with ideas about how you can improve them. Or, you may need assistance with training or some other aspect of the platform.

With a scalable budget available as part of the service, you can call off our assistance as and when you need it, without having to raise purchase orders or other approvals.