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Device Management

Manage all your desktop, laptop or mobile device operating systems, applications and policy.

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Support a multi-device work environment

Whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, your users leverage multiple devices to connect to data and applications in and outside the office.

Enabling this flexibility requires effective management and visibility of each endpoint, including the ability to automatically deploy operating systems, manage software, install patches, implement security policies, and locate or remote wipe devices.

In a Microsoft environment, Intune, System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Endpoint Manager provide these capabilities and more to help your desktop and support teams to manage and maintain your endpoints with as little friction as possible.

Centralised management solutions like these can also benefit your end users and reduce frustration by enabling self-service actions such as application installations,  facilitating speedier issue resolution, or gathering insights and analytics to really understand what’s happening on a device.

Deliver detailed device management with Silversands
Microsoft Intune management

Our device management consultancy team excels at designing and configuring Microsoft device management solutions to meet the unique needs of each organisation. As your device management consultant, we can help you to automate software deployment, deploy operating systems, and manage devices and applications across your organisation.

Contact us to learn more about our device management capabilities and how they can benefit your business or organisation.

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What you can do with device management

OS deployment Install applications Manage configurations View analytics
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Deploy Windows simply and effectively

Laptop and desktop computers remain the workhorse of the business world and most organisations require the ability to build and configure these devices’ Windows operating system.

Today, Microsoft’s powerful device management solutions allow you to deploy, update and manage operating systems incredibly simply.

Even if you’re running one of the older technologies like Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), there are significant admin and user benefits in moving to the latest management technologies.

Our consultants have deep expertise configuring OS deployment solutions for all types and sizes of customers and can provide the advice, guidance and consultancy to improve your OS deployment capabilities.

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Install applications with ease

Even with many solutions being available through a browser, most businesses and organisations will have a requirement to deploy traditional applications on a computer.

In most cases, automating this process can be extremely beneficial because it can:

  • Ensure standardised deployments
  • Reduce the support burden
  • Allow user self-service

We have been designing and deploying application delivery solutions for over 20 years and can help you choose the most effective solution to meet your requirements.

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Manage how your devices are configured

A key element of device management is the ability to deploy policies so that your devices are governed and operate within a set of boundaries.

Policies may be used to control configuration, security, compliance, which might mean:

  • Controlling how the operating system is configured or its look and feel
  • Setting specific parameters in applications like Office
  • Applying security-related settings
  • Determining whether a device complies with an organisational baseline for elements such as antivirus, encryption and other factors

Our consultants can work with your teams to define, design and deploy policies to ensure that your devices are managed and controlled in the way that you require with Microsoft Intune or Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

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Understand what's really going on with your users' computers

As you’ve most likely encountered, devices running Windows don’t always run perfectly.  Sometimes they might boot slowly, login times maybe extended or there may be other disruptions causing users to become frustrated or productivity to decrease.

We can help you to understand what is really going on with the Windows devices through EndPoint Analytics.

This Microsoft solution can help you to improve user productivity, remove frustrations and ensure that your computers are running as optimally as possible.

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Featured Device Management accelerators Simplify operating system deployment with Windows Autopilot

Reduce the time, effort and logistical constraints required to build laptop and desktop computers with our Windows Autopilot accelerator

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Device management of a laptop
Featured Device Management accelerators Review and improve your access security

Take a step towards improving your security posture by reviewing your Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication configuration.

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Featured Device Management accelerators Co-Management through Configuration Manager and Endpoint Manager

If you are using Microsoft Configuration Manager to manage your devices, you may have found it a challenge to effectively manage devices in the hybrid working world. Now, however, it is possible to link Configuration Manager with Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) to give you ‘Co-Management’.

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