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Identity & Access Management

For any IT system or application, identities are the critical key to enable authorised users to access the required services and data. Identity and access management streamlines user provisioning, enforces strong authentication, minimises security risks, simplifies user processes, and ensures compliance.

Identity & Access Management hero image

With most businesses and organisations enduring the challenges of remote or hybrid working, identity and access management has become a key security concern.

Here at Silversands, we have deep knowledge and experience of Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and Okta identity solutions, with additional experience of PingID and Quest Identity Manager, and have built numerous solutions based on these platforms for our customers.

What are the key challenges of modern identity management?

  • Enabling new users to be provided with instant, secure access from anywhere
  • Ensuring that only the correct people are accessing your systems and data
  • Assuring that existing license costs are maximised efficiently
  • Preventing leakage of personal, sensitive or confidential information
  • Effectively managing the joiner, mover, leaver process to regulate access based on employee status
  • Maintaining appropriate user access with roles and permission requirements constantly changing
  • Ensuring the whole lifecycle is proactively managed – with access removed in a timely manner as staff leave
  • Managing access between partners or other organisations
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What are the typical features of an enterprise identity solution?

An enterprise identity solution provides several features that support effective and optimised management of identities and access across the organisation.  Typically, these include identity lifecycle management, secure access management, and strong authentication that deliver:

  • Definition and automation of the processes used to manage the entire lifecycle of an identity
  • Automated provisioning based on HR record changes
  • Identity governance and administration
  • Identity access and lifecycle between tenants
  • Decentralised identities
  • Granting or removing rights and privileges
  • Passwordless solutions such as Windows Hello for Business
  • FIDO2, multi-factor authentication (MFA), conditional access, and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities
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Identity management is complex but our expert consultants have the skills and experience to ensure that your solution is designed around your specific requirements, constraints and considerations.

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