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Migrate your on-premises services to take advantage of the cloud

If you’re still running on-premises servers and solutions, a migration to the cloud could be beneficial in many ways.

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Have on-premises services had their day?

On-premises services have been the mainstay of IT delivery for the past 30 years, but the advent of the cloud has revolutionised the way businesses & organisations operate, providing a new model for delivering computing services and solutions and delivering numerous benefits.

Running IT services on-premises has several disadvantages compared to running them in the cloud. These include higher costs, limited scalability, restricted accessibility, difficult disaster recovery, and limited security. In the Microsoft world, on-premises software like SharePoint & Exchange lags way behind the functionality of the cloud equivalents.

The future is cloudy

By migrating to the cloud, your business or organisation can improve its operations, reduce costs, improve security, reduce scalability issues, and take advantage of the incredible power and functionality offered by platforms like Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

But, of course, migrating IT services from on-premises to the cloud is not straightforward and requires careful planning, execution, and management, and there are different types of migration that need to be considered.

In some cases there is a clear path, such as Exchange to Exchange Online, or SharePoint to SharePoint Online.  But if you are migrating applications that don’t have a cloud equivalent, then there are several options, including:

  • Rehosting (migrating to a like-for-like platform)
  • Refactoring (to make use of some cloud-specific solutions)
  • Re-architecting (to modify or recreate the application using cloud solutions)
  • Rebuilding (to recreate an application from scratch).

Equally, a source technology maybe migrated to a completely different technology – perhaps on-premises you have been using Nintex workflows on SharePoint but you might consider migrating these to Power Platform instead, perhaps for technical/capability reasons, or even to save licensing costs.

We have been migrating services and solutions into the cloud for our customers over the last 10 years, so have a wealth of experience and skills to offer.


A highly experienced team to deliver smooth migrations

Whether you are looking to migrate your Exchange or SharePoint platforms into Microsoft 365, or you have datacentre servers, services and applications that you wish to migrate into Microsoft Azure, Power Platform or other services, our expert consultants can help you by:

  • Analysing the source platform and content to be migrated
  • Designing the target platform
  • Designing an appropriate migration & testing process
  • Identifying and configuring the appropriate tools
  • Planning migration activities
  • Migrating services
  • Completing post-migration tasks
  • Testing and validating the new platform
  • Providing a user adoption programme to help your users' transition to the new services

All of these elements are brought together by our consultants and managed by our project management team with one overarching goal – to minimise the impact to the organisation and its users as far as possible.

Migrating IT services from on-premises to the cloud isn’t easy but we can help you make it as painless as possible. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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