Microsoft 365 is the most popular productivity suite, offering a broad range of powerful apps and services that enable truly exceptional levels of collaboration, communications and business functionality.  However, there is so much capability within the Microsoft 365 products that it can be difficult for users to either know it is there or employ it effectively, even if they do know about it.

Without any formal help, users are expected to pick it up and learn as they go.  While they will most likely be able to use the core functionality (sending emails, using Teams chat, etc.) user self-learning will only go so far, so they will almost certainly miss out on features and capabilities that could really benefit them, their teams and the wider business.

Clearly, if your organisation has invested significant resources, time and money in the deployment of Microsoft 365, it should make sense that you would want to maximise the fantastic functionality and incredible value that Microsoft 365 offers. But how do you do this?

Our Senior User Adoption Consultant, Andy Pettman, takes you through Five Steps to Good Adoption, steps that can make a big difference when it comes to maximising knowledge and achieving the real  productivity benefits of Microsoft 365.

This recording is relevant to anyone that has an interest in learning & development or training.

Graphic showing five steps to good user adoption