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The critical requirement for security & protection

With cyber threats, malware and bad actors an ongoing problem, the protection of your users, services and data is critical

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Protection for a modern threat landscape

With the prevalence of cloud-accessible data, significant sharing, anywhere access and ongoing concerns regarding data protection and cyber threats, security is a primary concern for every organisation.

Microsoft is dedicated to ensuring its platforms, users and their data are protected from the latest and most advanced threats with a broad suite of security tools and services, including anti-malware and multi-factor authentication, plus AI-enhanced threat protection across workloads, data, endpoints, identities and users.

However, setting up and navigating tools such as Microsoft 365 Defender, Defender for Cloud, Defender for Identity and Azure Sentinel to appropriately protect your organisation and accurately detect threats isn’t always straightforward.

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As an experienced cloud security consultancy, our security experts have been working with Microsoft’s security solutions for many years and have implemented them across a wide range of scenarios for small, medium and enterprise customers. They can provide cloud security assistance to help you uncover your key security challenges, define mitigation strategies, select the appropriate tools, maximise the value of your licences and help you design cloud security solutions fit for your organisation’s requirements.

Talk to us about your security needs and discover how we can help you improve cloud security to protect your data, endpoints, identities and infrastructure.

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Trending security considerations

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Ransomware attacks are devastating

Ransomware, spread through malicious emails, infected websites or software vulnerabilities, is a type of malware that encrypts or scrambles a victim’s files, making them unreadable. Generally, there is no good outcome from such an attack and your organisation will suffer downtime, data loss and other potential impacts.

The best protection against ransomware attacks needs advanced technologies, suitable policies and user training.

We’ve helped many customers protect themselves from ransomware attacks by implementing Microsoft Defender & identity protection solutions, designing appropriate policies and assisting with user education.

We’ve also helped a few clients that weren’t well protected and suffered devastating attacks, so if you are worried about the threat of ransomware, why not contact us to see how we can help protect your organisation?

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Passwords are rubbish, what's the alternative?

Passwords have been used to verify user identities for decades but they suffer from inherent weaknesses

Passwordless authentication eliminates the need for traditional passwords by leveraging alternative methods to verify user identities, including fingerprints, facial recognition, and hardware tokens.

Passwordless authentication, therefore,  provides a stronger security foundation while simplifying the authentication process for users.

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Hackers hate multi-factor authentication

With services and data accessible from the internet, there is a greater need to ensure that bad actors cannot gain unauthorised access.  However, if you are using traditional usernames and passwords, your organisation is at great risk since passwords can be stolen, cracked or shared.

A simple solution to this issue is to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA), which means that a user logging in must have something more than just the password – a device or token that only they have.  Without this, there is no way to login.

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Protect your endpoints, reduce your risk

Historically, computers have been critical entry points for malware because users can easily open malicious emails, browse suspect websites or download infected files.

It is therefore very important to protect against malware by protecting these endpoint devices appropriately.

Microsoft has been a leader in organisational security for many years and has developed Defender for Endpoint to provide an all-encompassing, cloud-hosted protection solution for your devices.

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