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Windows on any device, anywhere

Microsoft Windows is an important part of any organisation’s operation. We have the skills and experience to help you deploy, manage and configure it.

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Deliver capable, cost-effective solutions for your workforce

Windows remains the primary endpoint in most business scenarios. In many situations, the traditional desktop or laptop supports the business and user needs, but there are also scenarios where they might not be the best solution.

Perhaps, for example, your organisation is running applications that do not work well outside the office, or there are security or data management considerations. Alternatively, you may prefer not to have a fleet of physical devices and would like to allow your users to use their home PCs.

In these cases, you may look to transition your applications to be fully cloud-based, or you may be forced to implement remote desktop technology so that you can ‘present’ your apps to your remote users, even though they technically still reside in and run from the datacentre.

Both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 provide this capability and may be more appropriate and cost-effective than traditional infrastructure-heavy solutions and services.

Go direct from the datacentre to desktops and devices with Silversands

We have been delivering and supporting Windows desktop deployments for over 30 years and can provide design, implementation, and management consultancy for traditional Windows, Azure Virtual Desktop, or Windows 365.

Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your employees connected and productive.

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Windows, the clear key to productivity

Windows is still the main endpoint operating system for most organisations, enabling your users to run the applications and be productive.

Of course, looking after a large fleet of devices running Windows can be a pain but we have been working with it for over 30 years and can help you to deploy, configure and manage it using a variety of tools and methods, including Group Policy, Intune, System Center Configuration Manager and Endpoint Manager.

Whether you are running Windows 11 or an earlier version and are looking for assistance with an upgrade project or other management requirements, our consultants can help.

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Same Windows, but in the cloud

Windows 365 is a cloud service that allows users to access a virtual PC desktop environment from any device with an internet connection. This innovative solution provides a secure and scalable desktop platform for businesses of all sizes to manage their desktop computing needs while providing flexibility about what device the user has, whether it is a corporate laptop or desktop, a home PC, or a tablet.

Windows 365 offers several advantages over traditional desktop in that it provides a seamless, consistent and familiar Windows experience across devices, with all user data and settings stored in the cloud. This allows users to easily switch between devices without any loss of productivity.

All data is stored in the cloud and is protected by network, encryption and login security, to safeguard against cyber threats.

Windows 365 is a powerful and flexible solution for businesses and organisations looking to simplify their desktop computing infrastructure while maintaining security and reliability.

If you want to know more about how Windows 365 might suit your organisation or business, please get in touch.

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Flexible and customisable Windows anywhere

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a cloud-based desktop and application virtualisation service offered by the Microsoft Azure platform. It allows you to provide your employees with access to a Windows desktop and applications from anywhere, on any device, while maintaining control and security over the environment and without having to deploy and manage your own physical infrastructure.

Azure Virtual Desktop offers several benefits, including the ability to scale quickly and efficiently to meet changing demands, reduce capital expenditures, and simplify desktop management.

One of the most significant benefits of AVD is its flexibility. It allows employees to work from anywhere, on any device, while providing a consistent experience across all devices. This makes it easy for your organisation to support remote work and provide employees with the tools they need to be productive from anywhere.

Additionally, AVD provides advanced security features, including multi-factor authentication and conditional access, to protect against cyber threats and unauthorised access.

Azure Virtual Desktop is a powerful and flexible solution for any organisation or business looking to simplify their desktop infrastructure and support remote work with scalability and a consistent experience for employees while maintaining security and control.

If you need more flexibility for your users, with more customisation options than Windows 365 provides, please contact us to find out how AVD could help your organisation.

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Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop - The same but different

On the face of it, Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop sound like very similar desktop and application virtualisation solutions, but there are some key differences.

One of the main differences is how the services are managed. Windows 365 is a fully-managed service. It is designed to be easy to set up and manage, and requires minimal IT expertise. In contrast, Azure Virtual Desktop is a more complex solution that requires more technical expertise to set up and manage, but it is more customisable and flexible.

Another difference between the two services is the level of scalability they offer. Windows 365 is designed to scale up and down easily to meet changing business needs, making it a good choice for small and medium-sized organisations.

Azure Virtual Desktop, on the other hand, is a more powerful solution that can handle more complex workloads and is perhaps better suited for larger organisations with more demanding requirements.

In summary, Windows 365 is a more constrained and streamlined solution, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and organisations with simple desktop computing needs, while Azure Virtual Desktop is a more powerful and customisable solution for larger organisations with more complex requirements.

Our consultants are well versed in the differences between all the Windows platforms and would be happy to help you understand which of these solutions best fits your requirements and business scenarios.

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If you are using Microsoft Configuration Manager to manage your devices, you may have found it a challenge to effectively manage devices in the hybrid working world. Now, however, it is possible to link Configuration Manager with Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune) to give you ‘Co-Management’.

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