Office 365 Secure Score-Scores Your Security!

By Gary Jensen on

Review your Office 365 tenancy’s security with Microsoft Secure Score.

In February this year, Microsoft introduced another new service into the ever expanding Office 365 universe – Secure Score.

In a nutshell, Secure Score looks at your Office 365 tenancy, determines what you have purchased and creates a score based on your security profile.  The higher the score, the more secure you are.

Secure Score is presented as a dashboard, which clearly shows your tenancy’s score as well as providing a list of the items that can be implemented to increase the score.


What happens next.

The actual elements that are listed might include a requirement to review an audit report, to enable multi-factor authentication for admins, to enable rights management for documents and so on.  Each item offers a number of points which are added to provide the score, which is shown on the dashboard.

If you are so inclined, you may want to take Secure Score’s advice and implement some of its recommendations.  You almost certainly won’t want to enable all its recommendations because some of them won’t be relevant or applicable to your organisation, of course.  One of the typical recommendations is not to use mailbox delegation but most companies could not do without this.

For the recommendations that are relevant, some will have minimal user impact, if any, and some will have a much greater impact.  Implementation of some recommendations will be easy, some will require more consideration and maybe even a project!

To help you move forward, the dashboard features a slider so that you can choose how aggressively you want to be and/or how many points you want to achieve.  The list of recommendations is then matched to your preference.

Check it out here:

When you look at your report, you will notice that some of the recommendations are marked as ‘Not Scored’.  This is because they are not currently hooked up to the automated telemetry that runs behind the scenes so the points for these do not currently get added to the total.  The other key limitation is that it can only be accessed by Global Admins so cannot be presented as a read-only dashboard for the execs. These constraints will improve as time passes.

Ultimately, Secure Score is designed to help organisations become more secure but it does not offer any specific guarantees.

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