Microsoft Teams Quick Start sessions

Help your workforce use Microsoft Teams effectively

During this time of crisis many organisations are leveraging capabilities of Microsoft Teams to enable their workforce to continue working remotely. For some people this is their first experience of the chat, meeting and collaborative features of the product, and whilst there are many resources available online in the form of articles, guides and videos, our experience has shown that people learn best from people.

Our Microsoft Teams Quick Start Sessions, hosted by one of our experts, will provide your people with the knowledge and skills they need to use Microsoft Teams during their daily work activities. With a comprehensive session catalogue to choose from, you can select the content most appropriate to your organisation.

Gives your users the knowledge & skills needed

Interactive sessions led by experts

Comprehensive session catalogue

Support your IT team

How it works:

Recommended numbers

  • Maximum of 8 – 10 participants per session for best results

Session packs

  • Session packs are comprised of 4 quick start sessions
  • Purchase as many session packs as needed to support your workforce

Quick start sessions

  • Quick start sessions can be selected from our catalogue based on scenario and user knowledge level, e.g. chat, meetings, collaboration and co-authoring.
  • Sessions scheduled via Microsoft Teams, 30-45 mins each (max 8 people)
  • A feedback survey is conducted after each session

User support sessions

  • Regular user support sessions can be scheduled to enable users to drop-in and ask questions of our experts

IT support sessions

  • IT support sessions can be scheduled to allow your technical people to ask our technical experts questions about Microsoft Teams, e.g. administration, configuration, management and security

Cost: £1000

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