Webinar 1 – Maximising your investment in Microsoft 365

Why Microsoft 365 needs an ongoing management commitment.

The longer-term management of a new platform is less about the technical configuration and more about a recognition that effective adoption relies on the people and processes needed to manage and support the platform to ensure it is fit for purpose from implementation and is nurtured for the duration of your subscription to Microsoft 365.

In this session, we explore why we should consider an effective management framework for Microsoft 365. After all, if we are suggesting that staff invest their time in developing and introducing policies and processes, we need to understand how to articulate the benefits and communicate effectively with all staff.

I will explore some of the barriers I have encountered to effective management of the platform, and some of the strategies I have developed to help overcome them. I will also explain some steps that can be taken at any time (before, during or after a project) to introduce the idea of a longer-term requirement for a team to manage the new platform.

What I will cover

  • Where you are right now
  • What Microsoft 365 is as a service or platform
  • Why it needs to be treated differently to any other software procurement
  • Why it is crucial to consider the ongoing management of the platform?
  • When the right time is to consider more effective governance
  • The common pitfalls in introducing controls over Microsoft 365?

Who should attend

Seniority – C-Level, Director, Senior Manager

Function – Business, IT, Adoption & Change Management, Digital Transformation


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Webinar 1 – Maximising your investment in Microsoft 365


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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