Drive adoption of Microsoft 365 with improved knowledge and learning

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Drive adoption of Microsoft 365 with improved knowledge and learning

So, you've deployed Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams but staff still aren't using it. If you haven't thought about how new ways of working impact on knowledge and skills people will carry on doing what they've always done because it's familiar and safe. How can you be confident that they will embrace the opportunity to radically change what they do to get their job done?

Our approach and the benefits to your organisation

“The process of learning is irrelevant if no real knowledge is acquired” Carol Leaman, CEO, Axonify.

And it’s impossible to deliver learning opportunities if you don’t understand what people need to know.

Our expertise brings the two sides of skills development together by fusing learning into a through understanding of the knowledge needs of multiple groups across your organisation.

At the heart of every plan is a desire to empower your employees to become the best they can be in transformed ways of working.

Skills and knowledge surveys help identify the gaps

Personas and scenarios helps understand different user needs

Knowledge plans structure the type of information and content that is shared

Learning plans develop how staff will obtain the knowledge they need

And we measure everything so you can demonstrate a true shift in behaviour and culture

Create an effective community of champions to support the long-term needs of a maturing toolset

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We know companies have diverse and sometimes extremely complex IT requirements. From general IT infrastructure, communications, hybrid and complete cloud migration, intranets and security, we have had the pleasure to work with some of the UK’s most successful organisations. Here is a selection of those we work with that you will find case studies for on this site.

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