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Digital transformation only happens when people change their behaviour, the process that underpins this is called ‘user adoption’.

For some organisations, simply reducing the cost of storage by moving their files to OneDrive and SharePoint and migrating staff to Exchange Online is all they are looking for.

However, this approach misses the point of collaboration and communication suites like Microsoft 365. Tools like these can fundamentally change the way staff work; making them more productive and more satisfied with their work, resulting in greater profitability.

Silversands’ unique approach to user adoption helps organisations identify where gaps exist in the change opportunity provided by Microsoft 365. By working with us we can help your organisation:

  • Measure and monitor the return on your investment in Microsoft 365
  • Improve internal and external collaboration between staff and partners
  • Realise significant productivity gains as staff revise working practices
  • Enable your organisation to access the underlying knowledge economy that exists between employees
  • Help reduce costs as you uncover unknown skillsets
  • Make faster decisions and improve transparency
  • Reduce reliance on shadow IT
  • Improve security, compliance and data loss prevention
  • Reduce the cost of managing partnerships

How we work


We will get to know your organisation to understand what works, what doesn’t, what’s holding you back and what matters now and in the future. We will help you discover how you can improve compliance, security and prevent data loss.


We will help you understand the importance of good governance to a successful implementation. We will work with you to set up tools that measure what ‘success’ and ‘good’ looks like. And, with our support you’ll learn where your staff already are in relation to what they need to know, so you can put in place appropriate, measurable leaning opportunities.


We will help you create a culture of influence in your organisation that is sustainable, replicable and measurable. Such cultures can drive use of applications like OneDrive up to 80% of the organisation without the need for formal migration or training programmes.


We will help you establish the return on investment, share the success across your organisation and plan for the future.

Getting Started

Adoption & Change Management

Let us help you understand where you are currently in maximising the return on the investment you’ve made with Microsoft 365.

We will undertake a comprehensive adoption audit that covers the following areas:

  1. Understanding where you currently are on your Microsoft 365 journey
  2. Your current and required Governance needs
  3. How you measure and understand what ‘good’ looks like
  4. The knowledge gaps in your organisation
  5. Your activity to appropriately inform and upskill users across the organisation
  6. How well you are set up to manage transformation with Microsoft 365 for the future
  7. Reporting the return on investment for senior management.

How long does it take?

Depending on the size and complexity of your organisation, an audit will usually take between 2 and 20 days to complete and report on.

How does it work?

Depending on your needs, we can perform an audit:

  • On the whole Microsoft 365 adoption journey to understand how it fits into a broader business transformation programme
  • A single element of your adoption journey such as knowledge
  • Adoption in relation to a single application, such as Teams, that you would like to make available to staff
  • Or adoption relating to a specific project, division or work group of your organisation

What will I get?

A detailed analysis and report of what’s working well, what could be improved and clear recommendations about how to fill the gaps.

If you want to discuss how we can help you get so much more than you hoped from your investment in Microsoft 365, please get in touch with Linda Parkinson-Hardman, Service Adoption Lead.

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