Adoption & Change Management

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Plug the digital skills divide with adoption and change management

Before COVID, reports cited that 22% of the UK population lacked the digital skills required for everyday life. Today, we face a skills gap that has been further highlighted by remote working requirements, with 5.9 million employees working from home unable to turn on a device 

This presents a huge opportunity for businesses to help bridge the digital divide by empowering all employees with the skills needed to boost productivity, and benefit the wider community.  The challenge lies in identifying and understanding the skills gaps and defining the real impact of technology.


Overcome your adoption challenges with a trusted Microsoft partner  

At Silversands, our experienced team provides fresh thinking when it comes to adoption and change management. We can act as trusted advisors, evolving with your business to overcome new challenges as they arise. With access to the complete picture, we provide adoption and change management that delivers results today while preparing for the future.  

Silversands’ unique approach to user adoption helps organisations:

  • Identify adoption gaps
  • Measure and monitor the return on your investment in Microsoft 365
  • Improve internal and external collaboration between staff and partners
  • Realise significant productivity gains as staff revise working practices
  • Enable your organisation to access the underlying knowledge economy that exists between employees
  • Help reduce costs as you uncover unknown skillsets
  • Make faster decisions and improve transparency
  • Reduce reliance on shadow IT
  • Improve security, compliance and data loss prevention
  • Reduce the cost of managing partnerships.


Discover more about digital skills issues, and how to boost productivity by driving Microsoft 365 adoption with our downloadable infographic. 

For information on what steps can be taken to overcome skills-related challenges, how successful outcomes can benefit your business and the positive effect this can have on local communities, download our eBook. 


To discover how to drive digital skills development using the 5 Ms, watch our on-demand webinar, hosted by our ACM Practice Lead, Linda Parkinson-Hardman.



In our fortnightly podcast, 2 Talk 365, Linda Parkinson-Hardman, our Adoption and Change Management Practice Lead and James Mallalieu, our Principal Consultant, take a deeper and more holistic look into adoption & change management in the world of Microsoft 365.  If you are working in change & adoption scenarios related to Microsoft 365 you should find these discussions to be interesting and helpful.


How We Work

We will get to know your organisation to understand what works, what doesn’t, what’s holding you back and what matters now and in the future. We will help you discover how you can improve compliance, security and prevent data loss.

We will help you understand the importance of good governance to a successful implementation. We will work with you to set up tools that measure what ‘success’ and ‘good’ looks like. And, with our support you’ll learn where your staff already are in relation to what they need to know, so you can put in place appropriate, measurable leaning opportunities.

We will help you create a culture of influence in your organisation that is sustainable, replicable and measurable. Such cultures can drive use of applications like OneDrive up to 80% of the organisation without the need for formal migration or training programmes.

We will help you establish the return on investment, share the success across your organisation and plan for the future.

How can we help?

If you want to discuss how we can help you get so much more than you hoped from your investment in Microsoft 365, please get in touch with Linda Parkinson-Hardman, Service Adoption Lead.

To help you with your user adoption needs we have a number of fixed-price accelerators available. Click on the cards to learn more.

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