Delivering Custom Software Development

Delivering Custom Software Development

As business IT needs become even more complex, straight ‘out of the box’ solutions can sometimes compromise a company’s productivity and therefore profitability. This is when bespoke applications or platforms become cost effective and imperative to giving a company the ability to function exactly as they intended.

Through the appliance of rigorous development and production methods, our experienced engineers can create Web, Mobile, IoT, workflow or HR apps that will solve even the most complex IT challenges.

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Case Studies

Bourne Group maintains a procurement database containing supplier, project and quality information. In order to ensure consistent quality and delivery standards, they approached Silversands to modernise and improve the performance of their supplier CRM system.

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Barclays commissioned Silversands to assist with the implementation of a centralised mechanism for verifying the identity of staff when making enquiries to the various service areas within the bank.

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Silversands developed the Vessel Vetting system for a leading multinational oil and gas corporation. Designed to help mitigate the risk of deficient vessels being used for the transportation of goods by sea or inland waterways.

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Service desk automation is increasing our value to customers

By Jamie Sayer

At Silversands our Service Desk is always trying to provide the maximum value to our customers. This is an example where initiative and the application of automation means our team can use their time more effectively for this customer. Background The old mantra ‘time is money’ is as true in the IT service desk world …

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User Authentication: Why I would get shot of passwords

By Peter Holland

Why would I get shot of passwords? User authentication is due an upgrade. Hopefully you are familiar with the multitude of reasons why passwords are a poor way to prove identity. And the compelling arguments for moving away from their use. This includes, but is not limited to, the prevalence of password sharing amongst MPs, …

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