Exceptional Office 365 & SharePoint Development

Exceptional Office 365 & SharePoint Development

Companies come to us with the need to create a mobile platform for internal company collaboration and secure document sharing on multiple devices. We have consultants, highly qualified in planning, design, construction, testing, implementation and deployment of applications that can deliver a suite of cloud based services within SharePoint, providing efficient solutions across a wide sections of industrial verticals.

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Case Studies

The University identified a requirement for a solution to track and manage the progress and information related to all University contracts. Silversands designed and implemented a solution on the University’s existing SharePoint 2013 platform.

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The University implemented an Office 365 tenancy to understand how the on-premise SharePoint 2010 environment could be migrated to SharePoint Online and what benefits would be delivered from this.

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UCL’s Legal Services department are involved with matters that produce a huge volume of documentation and correspondence, all of which needs to be maintained, made accessible to the Legal Services Team.

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Recent Blog Posts

Image: Burnt out server room

Disaster Recovery optimised with Microsoft Azure

By Gary Jensen

What happens if my applications aren’t available? For most organisations, the delivery of IT services and applications is crucial to the running of the business. So disaster recovery (DR) is critical. Non-availability of these capabilities can affect sales, cause brand damage and legal issues, or even result in job losses. Clearly, then, it is important …

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Imahe Glogal map showing MSFT capabilities in NAM, EMEA, ASPAC

Data residency solved with Office 365 Multi-Geo capability

By Anthony Ashcroft

Office 365 Tenant locations Multi-geo data residency is becoming a necessity for many businesses. ‘Choosing’ a geographic location when creating an Office 365 tenant causes problems for multi-national organisations. They need to comply with different data residency requirements for the countries or industries in which they operate. Also referred to as ‘data-at-rest’ or ‘data sovereignty,’ …

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