Nulia Works

The skills development platform for Microsoft 365

What is Nulia Works?

As productivity tools go, Microsoft 365 is a fantastic product with twenty or more applications available to your staff. Powerful and comprehensive as it is, though, it can be difficult for your people to take advantage of all its capabilities. This means you will only realise a fraction of the benefits of Microsoft 365.

Nulia Works is a first-of-its-kind solution specifically designed to help people increase their knowledge and skills in Microsoft 365. Offering video, audio, infographics and step-by-step personalised guidance, Nulia Works provides a rich and inviting environment that helps users develop the skills they need to use the various apps and functions available to them.





How does it work?

Nulia Works collects data from various sources and then evaluates that data about a user’s everyday actions and activities within Microsoft 365 to understand their current skill level, provide recommendations on next steps, and track progress towards developing new skills.

This personalised approach means users are more likely to engage with the skills development since it is focused on their actual activity. To build motivation and reward them, users also receive achievement points and badges when attaining skills.



Activities, Skills and Outcomes

To drive skills development, Nulia Works promotes three integrated training elements: activities, skills and outcomes.

  • Activities represent recommended features and functions to help users reach their goal of attaining & maintaining new digital skills.
  • Generally, skill development is only improved by doing, and Nulia Works provides a ‘Try-It’ button to take the user directly to the Microsoft 365 app related to the activity.
  • Each Activity also includes resources to support the development of Skills if more help is needed.
  • Skills are collections of personalised Activities structured to get people using Microsoft 365 in a way that complements how they work and what they do.
  • By guiding continual learning opportunities, users are given the knowledge and confidence to be more productive, engaged and fulfilled in their jobs.
  • Outcomes are sets of Skills designed to help people meet a business challenge or requirement.
  • Outcomes extend across multiple applications, utilising the power of the Microsoft 365 productivity suite to support more extensive, business-driven learning opportunities.



Continuously updated

Of course, Microsoft 365 is a dynamic, changing environment and this can be a problem for many learning systems, where the content becomes quickly outdated. Not for Nulia, though, since it is constantly updated as Microsoft makes changes or introduces new applications. You don’t need to do anything to maintain the content, skills or outcomes that users can work towards.





Nulia Works for Teams


Microsoft continues to develop Teams as the centre of the modern workplace, and Nulia Works fits perfectly into this strategy with the Nulia Works for Teams app.

With this app, people can interact with Nulia Works while reducing context switching and staying right where they are working.


Unlock the value. Realise the full potential of Microsoft 365.

In our experience of delivering adoption and change management services, we know people generally favour self-learning. Nulia Works is the perfect platform to help them using Microsoft 365 most effectively, providing maximum organisational benefit.

Why not book a demo to find out more about Nulia Works and how it can help release the full value of your investment and empower your people with the knowledge and skills to make the best use of Microsoft 365?





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