Azure Cost Optimisation

Optimise your Azure deployment, save 30% or more

Power & capability…at a cost

Microsoft Azure is an incredibly powerful platform that supports virtually any application or solution requirement, whether that might be running virtual machines, building web services or creating enterprise scale mobile, media or data applications. Of course, all this power comes at a price and, since the services are charged by unit or time and you pay for what you use, the consumption costs could be higher than they need to be if your solution is not optimised. When the cost of running an Azure platform can be hundreds or thousands of pounds a week, saving even 5% or 10% could be a significant figure. In some cases the savings could be 30% or more.




Selecting the right options

For many Azure solutions, there can be different deployment options, which can be more or less expensive so choosing the right one is important to ensure that you only pay what you need. The difference between a service that is just right for your requirements versus one that is incorrectly specified could be significant.  


Operational optimisation

It’s not just about selecting the right options, though. You also need to think about how you use the services you’ve deployed.  Scaling down when demand is low, turning off services when you are not using them, or even updating to newer versions of the service could have considerable impacts on overall costs.



Licence it right

Outside of design decisions and operational management, serious savings can be made through effective and optimised licencing. Of course, no one enjoys thinking about licencing but it’s an extremely important aspect of the overall solution and can have a significant effect on the cost of ownership.




Is your Azure deployment costing more than it should?


In our experience, an Azure platform may be running beautifully from a technical point of view, but it may not be as cost-effective as it could be. Doing more for less is a typical refrain for most organisations and one place to start saving might be your Azure deployment. 

We have been working with Azure since it was created so have a wide range of experience from small business to enterprise deployments. Why not let us review your Azure platform and show how optimisation can save on your monthly bill? 

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