The activities of company growth, consolidation and demerger are a critical part of the strategy of proactive Boards of Directors. The ability to move quickly to consolidate, restructure or merge IT assets with other organisations or business units can have significant positive impact on growth and profit. When opportunities arise to merge or acquire other organisations, often under a climate of commercial and operational secrecy, there may be little time available to plan and execute the necessary IT restructuring.

One thing that businesses will likely want to reduce is risk. By working with Silversands your risk can be reduced. We have a proven track record in the restructuring and merging of IT assets, having undertaken a significant number of projects such as Email migrations, including Office 365, and directory consolidations.

Silversands has fifteen years of in-house experience within this area alone and can provide this wealth of experience to customers who request it, thus reducing risk to the business and ensuring that timescales are achievable.

Our clients who decided to use our skills in this area gave the following reasons:

“Expertise in assessing the situation”
“The ability to provide a clear plan and approach”
“Having the experience to plan highly complex projects”
“Working with and mentoring multiple internal teams”
“Taking ownership and responsibility”
“24/7 working that ensured strict commercial timetables were met”
“Made use of proven automation tools to increase speed and success of migrations”
“Global reach of the technical teams”


What product is typically used?
Silversands selected the Quest product – ‘Quest Migration Manager’ as its preferred solution and as a Quest Partner, Silversands has been utilising the Quest Tools for many years to assist its customers in moving between Active Directory forests and Exchange Organisations.

The Quest Toolset has been identified as the most seamless way to migrate resources between forests whilst also reducing the chances of migration failures and reducing time spent migrating all the data, thereby reducing costs.

Silversands has many case studies available in this area, which can be provided by request.

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Some of our Clients

We know companies have diverse and sometimes extremely complex IT requirements. From general IT infrastructure, communications, hybrid and complete cloud migration, intranets and security, we have had the pleasure to work with some of the UK’s most successful organisations. Here is a selection of those we work with that you will find case studies for on this site.