Silversands and Cloudiway – smoothing IT integration after Mergers & Acquisition

Within the current IT landscape and emerging adoption of Cloud platforms and applications, it is inevitable that a business may either decide to change Cloud vendors, or will move between tenants during mergers & acquisitions. Unfortunately, when a business is in this situation, there are many inadequacies with the standard tools, which most will be unwilling to accept as the current technical approach is weak. In addition to the logistical challenge of transferring data, it is in areas such as coexistence and end-user business process continuity where the greatest challenges can arise and need close attention. As an example, for Office 365, the direct migration between two tenants is not available and will instead require off-boarding mailboxes on-premises before on-boarding to the new tenant. For most businesses, this is non-viable from a commercial or business continuity-perspective.

In view of this, Silversands has selected a solution from Cloudiway which provides direct tenant to tenant migrations. The solution not only provides direct content migrations (SharePoint, Mailbox, OneDrive), but also provides coexistence capabilities during the migration itself to ensure that the transition can be staged for larger more complex pieces of work.

Silversands has trained Consultants in this area and can help to build and deliver a managed program of work to suit the needs of its customers in a complex mergers & acquisition scenario.

The following features are provided by Cloudiway:

Enterprise Coexistence solutions

• Enterprise Coexistence between G Suite and Office 365
• Calendar free/busy coexistence
• Mail Routing
• Global address list synchronisation

Tenant Migration
• Office 365 tenant consolidation
• G suite to Office 365

Mail migration solutions
• Office 365 to Gmail
• Office 365 to Office 365
• Office 365 to Exchange
• Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail
• Exchange to Office 365
• Exchange to Gmail
• Exchange to Exchange
• Exchange to Amazon WorkMail
• Gmail to Office 365
• Gmail to Exchange
• Gmail to Amazon WorkMail
• IMAP to Office 365
• IMAP to Gmail
• IMAP to Exchange
• IMAP to Amazon WorkMail
• Lotus Notes to Office 365
• Lotus Notes to Gmail
• Lotus Notes to Exchange
• Lotus Notes to Amazon WorkMail
• Zimbra to Office 365
• Zimbra to Gmail
• Zimbra to Exchange
• Zimbra to Amazon WorkMail

File migration solutions
• Google Drive to OneDrive
• Google Drive to SharePoint Online
• Google Drive to Google Drive
• Google Drive to Azure Blob Storage
• OneDrive to Google Drive
• OneDrive to Azure Blob Storage
• OneDrive to OneDrive
• OneDrive to SharePoint Online
• File Systems to Azure blob storage
• File Systems to Google Drive
• File Systems to OneDrive
• File Systems to SharePoint Online

Collaboration site migration solutions
• Google Sites to SharePoint Online
• SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online
• SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online

Groups migration solution
• Google Groups to Office 365 Groups

Archive migration
• Google Vault to Office 365
• Google Vault to Amazon WorkMail

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