Microsoft 365 Threat Protection accelerator

Discover how to reduce IT security alert fatigue. Reliable, secure, unified defence in depth. Gain confidence in cloud & hybrid security

A one-day workshop with a Silversands Microsoft Threat Protection consultant, providing a broad overview of the capabilities, uses and benefits of products and technologies available to your organisation.

What is Microsoft Threat Protection?

Microsoft has gathered multiple integrated services providing a comprehensive end-to-end protection platform for the entire enterprise. Many organisations are already licensed for many of the components without utilising them to their full effect.

Discover the capabilities of Microsoft Threat Protection

Identify cost and efficiency savings with service enhancement

Find out how Microsoft can protect your organisation from current and emerging real-world threats and risks

See how Microsoft Threat Protection applies to your organisation

Threat Protection primer. The benefits

Discover industry leading Microsoft Threat Protection

  • Delve into Microsoft Threat Protection in a single day
  • Focus on the scenarios impacting your organisation
  • Challenge old preconceptions hindering modern approaches

Understand the defence in depth strategy available

  • Applicable Microsoft defence in depth capabilities
  • How can converged threat protection improve quality?
  • What are your key challenges and concerns?

See how to apply protections to your organisation

  • Capabilities already available to your organisation
  • Methods to reduce alert fatigue
  • Get up to date on the risk and threats facing organisations today


Cost: £1000

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