Microsoft 365 EqIA (Equality Impact Assessment)

Every organisation has a statutory responsibility to support staff who might be disadvantaged by one of the nine protected characteristics

“As a publicly funded body we are required to ensure everyone is treated equally, and it’s easy to assume technology makes this easy. Working with Silversands showed us how we could make that experience even better”. Local Authority

Increase take-up of Microsoft 365 services and applications

Deliver measurable returns on your organisation’s investment in Microsoft 365

Build internal communities of trust that provides support to each other

An equality impact assessment (EqIA) helps your organisation ensure Microsoft 365 policies, practices and decisions are fair, meet the needs of staff and don’t inadvertently discriminate any protected group.

Although Microsoft 365 works seamlessly with Windows 10, giving staff access to tools and capabilities that meet multiple needs, it is still possible to create disadvantage for people who fall into the protected characteristic groups.

Silversands helps you understand how Microsoft 365 meets the needs of staff with protected characteristics:

  • We will identify where your Microsoft 365 planning might be disadvantaging staff
  • We will provide a sustainable EqIA for your organisation with clear guidelines about how to update
  • We will deliver curated content, materials and events on behalf of, or with, your in-house staff.


Everybody in your organisation matters

Value to you

  • Improved engagement with and support for disadvantaged groups
  • Meet statutory responsibilities
  • Add value across the organisation as all staff are empowered to participate

What you get

  • Understand how each protected characteristic group is impacted by Office 365
  • Create a value-driven EqIA that is measurable and sustainable
  • Ensure every person can deliver their role effectively and efficiently.


Why customers use Silversands?

  • We demonstrate an increased take-up of multiple Microsoft 365 services and applications
  • We deliver measurable returns on your investment in Microsoft 365
  • We help you build internal communities of trust that support your organisation as its use of Microsoft 365 matures

Cost: £5000

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