Teamwork Assessment with up to £2,000 of free consulting services.

Improve employee productivity and engagement via Microsoft Teams with up to £2,000 of free consulting services.

According to the CBI and Oracle’s report ‘bigger, faster, stronger’ from summer 2019, greater adoption of technology could unlock productivity and add up to £100bn to the UK economy as well as reducing income inequality by 5%. And, organisations investing in collaboration services are five times more likely to empower their workforce to become more agile, efficient and secure.

As a 9x Gold accredited Microsoft partner, we are now offering a Teamwork Assessment service that will help you better manage the upheavals of the Coronavirus pandemic and maintain business continuity.

The Teamwork assessment is, at its core, a day of consulting delivered by Silversands experts and (for eligible companies) paid for by Microsoft, focused on helping you get the most out of the Microsoft Teams collaboration tools.

The Microsoft 365 Teamwork Assessment facilitates and focuses business and IT decision-maker discussions on investments that can improve employee productivity and engagement. The assessment enables customers to use Microsoft Teams to realise business use cases and scenarios that drive business priorities.

This is a unique opportunity for organisations at an early stage in their Microsoft Teams journey who are already actively using Exchange Online. Organisations who are further along can also benefit if they recognise a need for app development with Microsoft Teams.

This program is on a first come first serve basis for each eligible customer up to the funding cap and time limit set by Microsoft.

As you are aware Microsoft 365 is a maturing suite of rich productivity, communication and collaboration tools that can help many businesses unlock their full potential. And our Teamwork Assessment workshops help guide you towards getting the best return on your investment, improving productivity and promoting best practice within Microsoft Teams.

Our Teamwork Assessment comprises two workshops:

Image: Teamwork Assessment chart


The business decision makers’ workshop

The business decision makers’ workshop is the starting point and is designed to help your organisation set the strategic direction for Microsoft Teams by allowing senior stakeholders to understand the true value of Microsoft Teams to your organisation. This workshop will also help you determine which of the three workshop options will have the greatest impact in the shortest possible timeframe.

The planning workshops are designed to help you plan either adoption and change management activities, implement calling and meetings or, depending on where you are on your Teams journey, develop Teams custom solutions.

Adoption and Change Management

In this workshop we will help you:

  • Build user case scenarios
  • Develop an adoption strategy and success metrics
  • Prepare plans for training, communication and resistance management
  • Map personas and workloads
  • Identify any issues or challenges
  • Evaluate common scenarios and those that solve customer pain points
  • Create a custom deployment roadmap
  • Finalise a plan for adoption and change reinforcement

Calling and Meetings

In this workshop we will help you:

  • Map personas and workloads
  • Identify any issues or challenges
  • Create custom deployment roadmap
  • Finalise your plan for roll-out and adoption

Teams Custom Solutions

In this workshop we will help you:

  • Evaluate common scenarios and those that solve customer pain points
  • Pinpoint design and development elements
  • Finalise and plan for rollout and adoption

How will a Teamwork Assessment benefit my organisation?

  1. It will allow you to identify your business priorities
  2. It will help you evaluate your existing collaboration and communication tools
  3. It will help you understand the full capabilities of Microsoft 365, not just Teams
  4. The art of the possible demo will excite and enthuse your senior leaders as it demonstrates what is possible
  5. Your customised roadmap will help you plan how to deliver the solution by providing detailed findings and providing actionable recommendations.

What’s included in the Teamwork Assessment?

1. Teamwork Questionnaire

The first thing we will do is send you a questionnaire to complete before we have the first workshop. This includes a series of technical, people and process questions.

2. Business decision makers workshop

This session is with your key senior stakeholders and strategic leadership team. And comprises two half-day remote workshops where we will cover the following topics:

  • Your organisations goals, objectives productivity pain points
  • Your change capabilities
  • Your key stakeholders, user scenarios, awareness and training requirements.

At the end of this workshop we will make a recommendation for which route to follow.

3. Your choice of workshop based on the outcomes from the previous sessions

This session comprises two half-day workshops covering one of the three workshops already outlined.
Adoption and change management workshop OR Calling and Meetings workshop OR Custom solutions workshop

4. Reporting and Planning

Based on the information that we have gathered from the previous steps we turn this information in to a simplified plan of next steps with all of the information that we have acquired in a basic road map for you to work on.

Use the Teamwork Assessment Workshop to fully integrate the collaborative benefits of Microsoft 365 across your organisation.

Please note: This offer is subject to availability of partner investment funding.

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