Get a Microsoft 365 comms plan tailored to your organisation

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw.

Remove the illusion, deliver reality

Speed up your user adoption with a comms plan from a proven, expert consultancy

Microsoft 365 is not a communication wand; to increase its impact and use in your organisation, you need to tell people, constantly and continually. With this communications planning engagement let us help you create a communication plan that will:

  • Support your implementation programme
  • Target groups and teams with specific knowledge and learning
  • Excite staff about the ‘art of the possible’
  • Encourage early adopters to ‘give it a go’

Why do it?

  • Create communications that excite, inform and encourage
  • Understand & support the communication needs of multiple stakeholder groups
  • Help & support knowledge & learning colleagues as they prepare staff for change

Customer value

  • Deliver faster, more effective onboarding to new ways of working
  • Use multiple communication pathways and methods supporting common business objectives
  • Your plan can then be delivered by your in-house team or us

Added value

  • Tie communications into bigger change & transformation programmes
  • Work with existing communication pathways & help develop new ones
  • Every plan comes with a complete set of resources for use now & in the future.


Cost: £5000

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