Application modernisation workshop and PoC

Take a single application and let Silversands help you assess the modernisation options and deliver a proof of concept (PoC)

If you don’t know where to start, this Silversands 8-day package is a great place. We’ll take you through the process of assessing a single application and its dependencies, then look at the best technical architecture and modernisation options for that application.​

The activity culminates in a proof of concept migration of the application to Microsoft Azure, or the modernisation of an application utilising various Azure services.​

Finally, there will be a review of the POC and a plan for the next steps for this application and the application estate as a whole.

Take the first step in modernising an app with a POC guided by a proven partner

See the power of Azure

Increase staff knowledge

What the workshop and PoC includes:

Day 0 – Initial engagement planning and kick off call

  • Discuss scope of work​
  • Gain high-level overview of current position and desired outcome

Days 1-3 – Application assessment

Remote sessions to assess nominated application:​

  • Gain understanding of the application, its dependencies & limitations
  • ​Business requirements
  • ​Assessment of application suitability for Microsoft Azure​
  • Recommend modernisation strategy for the application​
  • Define a Proof of concept (POC)​

We normally work alongside your staff so they can learn from our best practice and have ownership of the project.

Days 4-7- Proof of Concept

Where applicable we work with your staff to develop the agreed PoC. Dependent upon your maturity this may include an Azure environment set up and configuration activity.

Day 8 – Review and close

A review of the PoC will be undertaken with key stakeholders. Next steps will be discussed and a suggested roadmap for the modernisation of the remaining application estate presented.


Cost: £8000

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