Swire Oilfield Services

Project Scope

Project Scope

Swire Oilfield Services is the world’s largest supplier of specialist offshore cargo carrying
units to the global energy industry and a leading supplier of offshore cargo carrying
solutions, modular systems, offshore aviation services and fluid management. It has
operations in over 31 countries, and a team of 1000 staff working from 50 bases around the

The Project.

When Kev Cooper became CIO of Swire Oilfield Services, he had a vision to take the organisation from one of disparate applications, hard-to-find information and file-shares, to one where the technology infrastructure would be useful to everyone, visually pleasing and cost effective to run – a bit like the clocks that feature in every Swire Oilfield Services office world-wide.
“The clocks were something we discussed a lot amongst the project team because no matter which one of the Swire Oilfield Services sites you were
visiting, there was a consistent visual cue that connected you to the company values and our global reach. I wanted our technology platform to have the same impact.”

Requirements and Issues


  • Need to be able to rapidly and effectively share information across our organisation.
  • Replace the outdated file-share environment with something that would allow our teams across the globe to upload, share, store and collaborate on documents with ease.
  • Seamless access to legacy data on a day to day basis
  • Visually appealing dashboards that quickly disseminate information
  • Simple to manage but robust systems
  • Availability across multiple devices

Our Solution

  • Effective combination of Lync over Office365 to communicate and share desktops
  • Through some initial analysis and data cleansing we created a set of data repositories in SharePoint which allowed users to not only search and find documents quicker but also to collaborate more effectively
  • All relevant data was moved into the cloud
  • Bespoke designed dashboards fit the clients exact requirements
  • Leveraged the benefits of managed Office365 cloud solutions
  • Access applications and associated data anytime anywhere on any device through browser based solutions using a responsive interface


  • Considerable reduction in the reliance on emails and attachments
  • Engagement in people from all levels of seniority
  • The successful creation of a low cost, highly effective, cloud-based technology infrastructure
  • Delivery of a set of workflow tools that revolutionise the working practices of the whole company

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