Project Scope

Project Scope

Siemens Standard Drives is a manufacturing wing of the global electronics company Siemens. The company’s servers were increasing in number, but physical space and power were in short supply. It was running a VMware virtualization solution, but the cost was prohibitive, so the IT team worked with Silversands to deploy Hyper-V™ technology, saving money, space, and energy.

Requirements and Issues


  • Increase in company size required upscale in computing complexity
  • Drastically increased power consumption
  • All systems had to remain fully networked
  • Finite space in computer rooms
  • Server availability critical as production is 24/7

Our Solutions


  • Combining Hyper-V with Systems Centre administration products
    helps reduce the complexity of managing a growing virtualized server estate
  • 10 physical servers will carry out the work of 50 physical machines drastically reducing power consumption
  • The Server Core deployment installs only the components of Windows Server that the company needs, lowering the amount of patching and maintenance required by the software, and reducing the attack surface exposed to the network
  • Switching to virtual servers reduced the need for power hungry physical servers
  • New and up to date integrated programmes are constantly monitored and backed up to improve overall availability


  • Considerable space savings. 10
    physical servers running Hyper-V will do
    the same work as 50 servers without
  • Energy costs radically reduced, while the ongoing costs
    will be much lower than with its previous
    virtualization solution
  • IT team enjoys simpler administration with
    powerful management applications

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