Hilton Food Group

Originally established in 1994 to set up and operate a beef and lamb central meat packing facility in the UK, Hilton food Group (HFG) is now an international provider of meat packing and has facilities across the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The business itself has grown by acquisition, with each of the aforementioned facilities having its own infrastructure which required a common IT solution and IT support across Europe.

The Project

Hilton Food Group required significant IT support in the merger of several IT infrastructures. Silversands was brought in to provide consultancy and initially to technically mediate the disparate IT-teams, helping to form a common solution for the group.

Prior to involving an external consultancy, HFG encountered various challenges in approaching the consolidation activity, given that it operates a 24×7 service. Therefore, it sought the assistance of a partner to ensure its business services were not disrupted and to achieve a prompt, efficient transition, thus enabling a streamlined IT function across the group to be possible.

Once the project was outlined, Silversands facilitated the required analysis, design and build activities for Active Directory, Exchange and the Quest Migration Architecture required to support moving approximately 1,500 accounts, mailboxes and devices into the new environment. All of the transition activities were undertaken in accordance with the businesses 24×7 operation.

Requirements and Issues.

  • Consolidate six existing infrastructures
  • Creation of a newly designed Active Directory forest to support the consolidated infrastructures
  • Implementation of new messaging platform
  • Implementation of new PKI platform to support the requirements of the business
  • Create migration solution and process
  • Migration of 1,500 mailboxes, devices, users across six locations within Europe

Our Solutions.

  • Analysis of all six infrastructures
  • Design and build of a Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory to support the requirements of the consolidated business infrastructure
  • Design and build of a new messaging platform based on Exchange 2013 deployed across two European datacentres
  • Design and build of a new PKI platform
  • Design of an appropriate migration architecture to streamline the transition, whilst also allowing the business to maintain its 24×7 operation
  • Full project management of Silversands scope including planning
  • Delivery of rollout using a team of consultant resources and ongoing migration/support services through the transition period


The 24×7 business operation is maintained throughout the organisation due to the delivery of a successful merger of disparate IT Infrastructures.

Minimal post-migration support or issue resolution resulted in zero disruption to the business.  100 users, devices and mailboxes per migration event were completed, enabling cost-efficiencies to be realised.

Potential cost reduction highlights;

  • Full collaboration provided to entire business
  • Consolidation of teams
  • Efficiencies of business processes
  • Consolidation of applications and services

New platform providing roadmap for future projects

Management overhead is significantly reduced.

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