East Sussex County Council

The council provides services across 5 key areas:
Adult Social Care, Governance Services, Children’s Services, Business Services and Communities, Economy and Transport.
Both elected representatives (councillors) and paid employees (council officers) work together to supply these services for East Sussex.
The council also keeps track of a wide range of key data about East Sussex related to their priority outcomes. These help the council assess any impact areas more fully and respond appropriately when needed. The council reviews this data when making plans and publishes it with their State of the County report each year.

The Project.

The council has embarked on a programme to streamline working practices for both councillors and council officers with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing costs and standardising the working environment. This initiative also seeks to improve supportability regardless of user’s roles or locations and is referred to as the Agile Working Programme.
A key component of the Agile Working Programme is to provide a consistent way of working for all employees which will include the provision of a set of common tools based on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform (loosely referred to as the EDRM).


Requirements and Issues

  • Provision of new on premise SharePoint platform
  • Provision of Agile Working Toolset to all users to support common document and records management and collaboration activities
  • Integration with council-wide scanning services to support inbound electronic mail routing
  • Migration of existing documents and content into Agile Working Toolset sites


  • Silversands designed and implemented a completely new logical information architecture to support the business requirements for the solution (the Agile Working Toolset).
  • The solution delivered consists of a standard set of workspaces for each council service area, including structured areas for document storage and management, content types to define standard document metadata, information management policies and project areas
  • The solution is deployed on a completely new SharePoint 2013 platform which was also designed and implemented as part of the project to provide a secure, robust internal environment for all users
  • The solution implements a central enterprise search function, enabling quick and intuitive searching across key content areas to improve findability and knowledge sharing
  • The solution is integrated with a council-wide scanned documents solution, enabling all paper records within the council to be stored and tagged as electronic documents and archived within the system for easy retrieval by users within each service area


There has been an increased ability to adhere to legislative and legal requirements due to the implementation of records management and document retention policies.
The consistent methods for the creation, management and retrieval of service documentation has improved efficiency and reduced complexity for all users.
Changes in business requirements are more easily supported due to the standardised ‘Agile Working Toolset’ model
The solution administration overhead is significantly reduced due to the implementation of agreed governance practices
The authority is realising widespread cost savings due to the reduction in the use of paper and the ability for users to find the information they require quickly without duplication.

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