Charity improves service delivery with migration to Microsoft Azure

Since starting out over 30 years ago, this charity remains the only UK organisation dedicated to providing specialist healthcare for young people. With over 20 specialist units across the UK, expert nurse teams and support staff, the charity is dedicated to supporting its patients from the moment they are diagnosed.





  • Difficult to recover on-premises services in event of disaster
  • Some issues with backup
  • Security improvement required
  • Tight deadline for completion
  • Migrate all servers to a  Microsoft Azure platform
  • Implemented enhanced disaster recovery and backup capabilities
  • Implemented enhanced security
  • A robust, reliable platform provided by Microsoft Azure
  • Dependable backup and disaster recovery
  • Simplified core infrastructure
  • Enhanced security capabilities
  • Reduced risk from cyber attack
  • Reduced IT support burden
  • Significantly reduced outages
  • Numerous opportunities for future solution improvement in Azure

Project background

Many of the charity’s patients rely on digital channels such as email or chat to reach out for help. To provide robust disaster recovery and backup capabilities, the charity decided to move its core infrastructure into a stable, resilient, and flexible environment in the Microsoft Azure platform. Silversands was chosen as a partner to deliver the proposed project. The charity was well aware of our technical expertise and project management skills, having worked with us on previous Office 365 and SharePoint projects, and was happy to take our proposal forward.

The solution

A five-week deadline meant we had to expedite the project, which required a hugely focused effort and close collaboration between ourselves and the charity. Weekly Microsoft Teams meetings, and the ability to discuss, share, and store documents in Teams enabled us to communicate quickly and easily. Our project manager worked closely with the charity to plan, track and monitor progress, to ensure the project was delivered effectively and with minimum business disruption.

Regular and open communication together with ongoing meetings allowed us to adapt quickly to any challenge, complete any identified additional work, and entirely focus on finding the best outcomes. For example, an additional mid-project requirement to resolve a network issue interrupted the project for four days. To overcome this, we worked out of hours to avoid business disruption and ensure that the project was still completed on time.

The result

In just five weeks, Silversands moved the charity’s private cloud IT infrastructure to Azure, enabling secure remote data access and new reporting capabilities.

As well as moving and optimising the infrastructure, and enabling service improvements such as cloud backup, the opportunity was taken to increase the charity’s already stringent security measures further by enabling enhanced protection features available in Azure. These changes were critical to protect the charity’s data, reduce the risk of cyber attack, and facilitate staff working from home. As a result, staff can access applications and data with greater security, to deliver the charity’s core activities without interruption.

The charity now has a resilient infrastructure with in-built DR and backup that requires less maintenance. Automated security patching frees up the IT team’s time to focus on other areas, while the organisation can confidently continue providing uninterrupted specialist care and support to its patients.

The success of this project is viewed by the charity as a stepping-stone, setting it up to take advantage of more Azure features in the future. The charity can now start to report on data, helping it work towards meeting its 2022 strategy with continued provision of personalised, high-quality holistic care for every patient.

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