Bourne Supplier Database

The Bourne Group comprises of three businesses: Bourne Steel, Bourne Special Projects and Bourne Parking. The group has been involved in numerous high-profile building projects including the Gas Holder Triplets, Strata SE1, Brighton Dome, The Guildhall in London, Wembley Arena, the Cube in Birmingham and the Tank Museum in Dorset.

This amazing, forward looking company is one of Silversands managed support customers. We support them in areas such as Office 365, Azure, software deployment, deskside user support and office relocations.

The Project

In order to ensure consistent quality and delivery standards, Bourne Group maintains a procurement database containing supplier, project and quality information. Bourne Group approached Silversands to modernise and improve the performance of their supplier CRM system.

Using our wealth of experience of developing and maintaining database solutions from smaller MS Access solutions to full blown SQL solutions, Silversands, working closely with key Bourne Group stakeholders, reviewed and enhanced the database, identifed performance and usability issues and finally proposed a new user interface design to address the usability and branding issues.

Requirements and Issues

  • Enhance the performance and usability of the application, incorporating the Bourne Group brand
  • Simplify and modernise the search functionality
  • Modernise the user experience for entering data
  • Rebrand and add further reports
  • Enhance usability, performance and concurrency

Our Solutions

  • The application platform was upgraded to a later version of the base product, resolving many performance and usability issues
  • The existing user interface (UI) was updated to be more user friendly, in particular the legacy menu and search facility
  • The solution was enhanced to include new reports and management information
  • The application underwent a refresh to include the Bourne Group corporate branding.


  • A well designed, modern and more robust interface improved the overall user experience
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Increased engagement and retention
  • Positive ROI illustrated by encouraging internal and external feedback

Looking forward.

Looking to the future, Silversands have recommended porting the database to Azure to create a highly resilient, scalable and centralised solution to meet the needs of this fast-growing corporate enterprise.

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