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The Bourne Group is an construction engineering company who deliver technical excellence across multiple markets. Bourne have seen Office 365 as a key component to driving collaboration and communication within the organisation. They had an Excel based system for the reporting of and on non-conformities within the company. Bourne asked Silversands to look at a browser based application that would allow both remote and office based users to log, access and report on non-conformities. Utilising SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow and Excel Silversands delivered a solution that was quick to develop, deploy to all users and gave business benefit. 


The Bourne Group comprises a number of companies who all record non-conformities. While some data fields are similar across companies some are not. As a result the existing non-conformities solution comprised of a number of Excel spreadsheets. All staff required access to Excel and the file server to create and manage the spreadsheets. At the end of each cycle The Conformity Manager collated all of these spreadsheets together to produce an overall view of the scale, nature and efficiency of resolution. In order to accurately record and monitor the non-conformities a process was required that allowed a user to add an item in one form from a remote location and the right people were notified and data captured according to the responses entered. 


Silversands provided a solution utilising the Office 365 services that Bourne already had to provide a consistent method of data input, alerting, workflow and reporting. A PowerApp was created that allowed users both on their mobile device and desktop to report a non-conformity. Data entered was stored within a SharePoint list and Microsoft Flow was utilised to control the flow of the process.  The form responds as the data is entered by the user to ensure that all data is captured accurately and the correct business flow occurred. The SharePoint list in which the data is stored can be filtered and sorted to provide the information that The Conformity Manager can use for reporting and then downloaded to Excel if required. 


By using existing services within Office 365, Silversands was able to quickly create, scale and deploy a solution to Bourne that did not require any additional licences and was easily understood by users. Employees working within the field and office based can access the solution and instead of the data being stored away with data silos on file servers it now available to quickly report upon and action against.  

“The App has allowed our site-based staff to spend more time on delivering projects safely, on programme, and with the high levels of quality expected from our clients.” ​ Howard Davis, Group Finance Director, The Bourne Group

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