apetito: Microsoft Teams adoption


apetito recognised that there was a need to improve collaboration, but only small pockets of users had adopted Microsoft Teams. At the same time there was a concern about the need for better governance and a recognition that their IT team needed help with the technical change.

Solution Strategy

Project Thunder was born and Silversands teamed up with apetito.

The first stage was to help apetito identify the user personas and understand their activities and processes and then understand the vital governance requirements before rolling out any apps. Silversands worked alongside the apetito IT team to configure the Office 365 tenant and adopt Microsoft Security and Compliance tools.

Once the technical implementation was completed Silversands was then able to deliver the real value of a business-led adoption activity. We developed training materials and a champions network to drive transformation for the short and long-term, working closely with the internal comms team to communicate the benefits and put in place measurable outcomes to show increased usage.


By putting in place the necessary security and governance, and with a clear plan of which Office 365 apps suit which use cases, apetito has seen a growth in adoption particularly of Microsoft Teams

“Teams has been successfully adopted in apetito because people can see the value in it. It has helped departments collaborate and work more effectively together. It has been fundamental in our transition to a modern workplace and Silversands were excellent to work with in delivering this.”

Mandy Chambers, Project Manager

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