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At Silversands we have been able to adapt to the ever changing world of IT infrastructure by staying on top of the latest advances in our areas of expertise, listening to our customer’s needs, applying our knowledge or researching the best way to approach a solution and applying that knowledge to any given project. Here are some of the most regularly asked questions we get asked.

Broken down into topics we hope that we will answer your question. However, if you cannot see your question here, please feel free to send us a new question and we will get one of our sales team or consultants to get an answer for you.

  • Office 365 & SharePoint
  • Support Services
    • Can Silversands offer me 24/7 support?

      We offer complete Infrastructure, SharePoint and Software Support Services – providing support across a comprehensive range of technologies. Services range from support for your critical server infrastructure up to 24×7 cover, remote monitoring, pro-active health checks, hardware maintenance and so on.

    • Is it possible to get full support for Sharepoint deployments?

      SharePoint Support Services – for simplicity, we separate support for SharePoint into the following areas:
      Platform Support – this may encompass support for the Windows operating system and the base out of the box SharePoint server package
      Application Support – this is for the systems developed by us that sit on top of the core SharePoint platform.

    • Can we outsource our IT support and management with Silversands?

      Managed Services – services are provided for part, or all, of your IT infrastructure where you require them ‘outsourced’. Elements of a Managed Service may include Helpdesk services, desk side support, server support, management of change, service management, Microsoft security patching and so on.

    • We have an existing support partner, but the service isn’t working out – can you help?

      We have a great range of technical skills available to assist and more importantly, a friendly and flexible attitude to delivering our service.

    • We’re looking to move to Azure, how can you help support us going forward?

      We have a range of both re-active and pro-active services for Azure:

      • Bronze Service includes Azure service health monitoring, Azure planned maintenance and service updates monitoring, IaaS nodes proactively monitored, notification of recommended Microsoft actions, service reporting
      • Silver Service includes all of Bronze, plus support resource for the remediation of IaaS node exception alerts and service management
      • Gold Service includes all of Bronze and Silver, plus management and system administration, advanced service reporting
    • We’re looking to move to O365, how can you help support us going forward?

      We have a range of both re-active and pro-active services for O365:

      • Bronze Service includes service health log monitoring, planned maintenance and service updates monitoring, notification of exceptions and recommend actions
      • Silver Service includes all of Bronze, plus support resource for the remediation break / fix service issues
      • Gold Service includes all of Bronze and Silver, plus roadmap guidance, O365 adoption reports and administration of selected serivces
    • We have most skills covered in house, but need assistance with specific elements of our complex systems?

      Our highly skilled resources work across a variety of industry sectors, we can provide support re-actively, but to get best benefit, work with us on a pro-active basis to help get the maximum benefit from your investment in IT.

  • Software Development
    • Do you provide onsite resources or are they just office based resources?

      We can offer both, or a combination of both.  The important thing is that we work in a way that best fits your business.  We often find a combination of onsite and office based working enables a balance to be struck between physical team integration and keeping control on things like travel costs.  We do find regular stand-ups with customers via Skype work very well for development projects. The use of Cloud base technologies including Visual Studio Team Services and Office 365 allows a client to view the development progress. This gives the client the continuous ability to see progress and the state of the project.

    • How do your developers keep abreast of the latest technologies?

      Within all the teams within Silversands we instil a culture of continuous technological development.   On a monthly basis we hold an internal knowledge transfer day where individuals present their findings and experiences from recent engagements, industry events and focused R&D to their peers.  Outside of these specific days our teams extensively utilise Yammer to share knowledge, thoughts and views on various technologies or trends.  This practise is a core part of the development team as with all other teams within Silversands.  We are continually researching and investigating the latest tools and techniques and sharing this knowledge throughout the team. It is important to note that when you engage with a Silversands Developer you get the experience of the entire Silversands team. Silversands has experience across multiple Microsoft Products.

    • Do you provide Consultative and Architectural advice?
      Yes, this is an area where customers often ask for our assistance.  These types of engagements are usually very bespoke to the customer’s need.  Typical activities might be: Single whiteboard or “how do I?” workshops, a review of the architecture, even down to detailed analysis of the existing code base. This can lead to formal documentation or recommendations and deskside advice for developers and guidelines on the latest best practices such as Office 365 development.
      If you have a specific requirement, please ask if we can help.  It may save your business time and money in the longer term.
    • Do you do Web design?

      We do.  We have our own in house web design team that bring your ideas and concepts to reality, whilst also introducing the latest concepts and thinking from industry.  With any web and / or mobile solution we work with you on the design concepts to ensure the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) meets your requirements and expectations.

    • What industries do you specialise in?

      At Silversands we purposely try not to specialise in one industry vertical.  We pride ourselves being able to work across many types of industries and sharing knowledge and experiences across the verticals.  However, over the years we have gained deep specialist skills in areas such as Marine -Vessel Vetting and Financial – Staff Loans

    • How long has Silversands been developing software solutions?

      We have been developing Software solutions since the early 1990’s.  Over those years we have seen may different languages and tools come and go.  It is important to note that we are still working with customers from those early days!

    • Do you use source control?

      Yes, what professional Software Development company wouldn’t? As part of our internal development guidelines we require all code to be ‘checked in’ to a source control system at a minimum daily.  This ensures that all code is backed up to a single location.  It also means that developers can share code between them.  We are currently using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) as our tools of choice.  These bring great advantages for not only source control but also controlling and managing development projects.

    • What technologies do you have skills in?

      Across our development team we have a very wide skill set. We do work primarily with Microsoft Technologies and we try and utilise the most modern tools were possible, quite simply because we find them more productive, which in turn saves customers money.

      The following are commonly used tools and technologies: C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript, HTLM, Angular js, AJAX, JQUERY, JSOM, CSOM, REST, SQL, SQL SSIS, SQL SSRS, Xamarin, Powershell, SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and the list goes on.  If you have a specific language or technology you want us to use, then please just ask if we have the skills. We usually do!

    • Do you support legacy programming tools?

      As we have been providing a development service for many years we still have solutions based on legacy languages, tools and designs that we continue to support.  We are still managing classic solutions consisting of a client frontend in VB, a middle COM layer and a SQL backend database.  We are also often asked by customers to support their own solutions where perhaps the legacy skills are no longer in their business

    • Do you off shore your development?

      No.  We maintain our own in development team that is based primarily in our Poole office.  This ensures that we can vouch for the quality of the products being delivered.

  • Cloud & Hybrid IT

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