Webinar 3 – Developing a management plan for Microsoft 365

Once we have established the membership of our management team, what next?

The main objective of setting up a new team is to establish its purpose, scope and remit. In my experience, the starting point for such a team is build on what has already been achieved by the implementation team, and to develop a plan for the near to middle term. For most teams, there is almost always a feeling of being overwhelmed by the scale of the task. With over 30 applications, how can we start to deal with all the issues we must address?

In this session, I will introduce techniques I use to address the very real concern that there is too much to do, in too short a time, and with limited support from the rest of the organisation. I will demonstrate some ideas already practically implemented, where organisations have enabled whole or large parts of M365, and when the retrospective introduction of controls seemed impossible.

What I will cover

  • Managing the platform and the risks associated with it
  • Introducing effective control, bit by bit
  • Who can do what/ Who can work with what? How can we say YES (and when to say YES, BUT…)?
  • How can we manage, support and drive up use of the Microsoft 365 platform?

Who should attend

Seniority – C-Level, Director, Senior Manager

Function – Business, IT, Adoption & Change Management, Digital Transformation

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Webinar 3 – Developing a management plan for Microsoft 365


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Microsoft Teams meeting
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