Unlock knowledge with Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex

An introduction to Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex

Organisations generate vast amounts of content in the form of documents, emails, chat messages, web pages, videos, however finding and sharing valuable knowledge is a daily challenge experienced by many people.  

Viva Topics makes it easy to find information and put knowledge to work, whilst SharePoint Syntex uses artificial intelligence and machine teaching to automate content processing and transform content into knowledge.  

In this free session, our principal consultant James Mallalieu will introduce Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex, show-casing key features, usage scenarios and reflecting on how these services fit within the overall Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

The primary topics covered in this session are:

  • Content and knowledge challenges  
  • Microsoft Viva Topics 
  • SharePoint Syntex  
  • Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex working together

Why not join us to find out how Viva and Syntex can help you generate, share and use knowledge across your organisation?




As ouPrincipal Consultant, James has a deep technical understanding of Microsoft 365 yet can articulate how the apps and services provide benefit in a business context.  With over 25 years’ experience with Microsoft solutions, and extensive real-world Microsoft 365 experience, James is ideally placed to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

James Mallalieu

Principal Consultant


Mike Tansey

Account Manager

Mike has 14 years IT experience with a focus on account managementHe works across a wide variety of verticals, including government, non-profit, blue light, health care and housing. Working closely with our customers, his main aim is ensuring that technology is applied to meet business goals, thereby maximising the overall benefits and return on investment.



Who should watch:

Comms. Leaning & Development, HR, IT 

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Unlock knowledge with Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Microsoft Teams
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