The 5 Ms of Digital Skills Development

The digital skills gap, the distance between current and required skill levels, is a global issue. It’s a challenge many governments have striven to address for years and the pandemic has served to both highlight the size of the gap and intensify its impact. Before March 2020, it was estimated that 16% of the UK population, around 9m people, were unable to access the internet without assistance, and 22% lacked the digital skills required for everyday life. And this affects the workplace too, with 5.9m unable to turn on a device when they worked from home. Businesses and organisations have a unique opportunity to help narrow the gap by providing digital skills for all employees, boosting their own productivity at the same time as benefiting the wider community. In this webinar, we explore how you can use the 5 Ms of digital skills development to improve collaboration and communication, which in turn fuels greater productivity and improved profitability.

Image: Silversands Adoption & Change Management Practice Lead Linda Parkinson-Hardman

What I cover

  • The 5 Ms – motivation, meaning, meme, mindset and models
  • How they play a part in creating a sustainable improvement in the digital skills of all your employees
  • Actionable insights into simple, cost effective changes you can make immediately

Who should watch

Senior leaders in learning and organisational development Senior leaders in organisational change and digital transformation Chief Information Officers

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