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  • Test and Development (inc DevOps). St Mary’s Stadium. Southampton.
  • 20th December 2016
  • 9:15 am - 12:30 am
  • Southampton. St Mary’s Stadium. SO14 5FP
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An Azure Workshop. St Mary’s Stadium. Southampton. March 29th

When you have made the move or still considering the move into the cloud, it is very important to create processes that will ensure predictable outcomes in any development.

Silversands has practical experience in helping organisation’s create and maintain this important consideration

This workshop will highlight these considerations.

Topics covered.

  • Collaboration between Software Developers and IT operations
  • Automation of frequent, time-consuming and error-prone cloud management tasks
  • Documenting and securing the cloud environment
  • Delivering and maintaining infrastructure as code (to ensure predictable and repeatable outcomes)
  • Meeting compliance requirements (ISO 27001, PCI DSS)

Who should attend?

This event is suitable for both business and technical decision makers who are interested to find out more about cloud migration.

Why should I attend?

This event will provide valuable insight into all the subjects that need consideration on a cloud migration and what happens moving forward.

Other topics covered.

If you have other Azure migration considerations you need covered in this workshop we will be happy to add these topics. Please send us a question on the attached form.

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