The Power Platform is great, but have you lost control of it?

The Microsoft Power Platform is a rich set of tools that gives users a lower barrier of entry for application development. Power users in each business unit who are close to the problems for that team can build solutions to solve them. However, by empowering anyone to be a maker, your Power Platform environments could be full of applications and workflows that your estate admins are not aware of. Furthermore, there are a number of issues that might be presented:

  • Business data security concerns regarding connections to data
  • Maintenance of apps and workflows that are crucial to the business
  • Compliancy issues regarding GDPR
  • Staff turnover challenges regarding ownership of solutions

Do any of these issues resonate with you?  They are not new, having existed with other tools such as Access and Excel. Like those older tools, the Power Platform suite will be available to your users if you have Microsoft 365!

The difference with Power Platform, though, is that Microsoft provides a suite of tools to empower admins with full visibility to balance productivity and innovation with governance.

Join our Power Platform Practice Lead, Ben Haynes, as he guides you through the best ways to manage and control Power Platform in your organisation.


Image: Silversands Power Platform Practice Lead Ben Haynes

What I cover

In this session, I will outline and demonstrate the importance of governance and control within your Microsoft Power Platform estate, and what your organisation can do to gain control of your Power Platform environments.

  • Key issues with Power Platform governance, including:
    • Security
    • Compliance
    • Control
    • Management
    • Licencing
  • What the Centre of Excellence is and how it can help you to maintain control.
  • Questions

Who should attend

Level: IT Directors, Operations Managers, IT Managers, Compliance Managers, Data Protection Managers

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The Power Platform is great, but have you lost control of it?


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Microsoft Teams
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