Office 365. Successful user adoption with the ADKAR model

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“The single biggest reason Office 365 adoption fails is because most organisations don’t define the business impact”

Too often user adoption is seen as the last activity in an IT project, using whatever budget is left over from the technical implementation. A recipe for failure.

Here at Silversands, under the leadership of Linda Parkinson-Hardman, we follow the ADKAR methodology to ensure that our customers’ user adoption is successful against defined, business specific measures.

Linda explains more in a 45 minute webinar that is a must attend event for anyone responsible for rolling out Office 365, or increasing adoption of an existing deployment. And don’t forget that once you adopt 365 your user adoption requirements become continuous.

Who should attend

This event is suitable for Transformation, Change and Programme Managers tasked with driving adoption of Office 365 in their organisation.

Office 365. Free workshop, 5th March 2020, London

If you work for an organisation with more than 500 Office 365 users and are responsible for user adoption / change management, then please do register for our free workshop. Places are limited to 20 in total and a maximum of 2 from each organisation. More details / register.

Useful reading

Silversands is a prolific blogger and the following blogs by Linda re definitely worth a read:

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Microsoft Teams and SharePoint seminar

Collaboration and communication are hugely important in maximising user adoption, so if you want to see what can be done with these solutions please feel free to join expert Silversands consultants on Wednesday 11th March for one of our most popular seminars. Places are not restricted (other than room size) so please come along and bring / invite other relevant colleagues. Information / Register

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Office 365. Successful user adoption with the ADKAR model


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