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  • Microsoft Azure Seminar. Bristol.
  • 19th October 2017
  • 9:15 am - 12:30 am
  • Engine Shed, Station Approach, Temple Meads, Bristol, BS1 6QH
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Bristol. 19th October.
Engine Shed, Station Approach, Temple Meads, Bristol, BS1 6QH

Azure is the growing collection of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through Microsoft’s global network of data centres and gives organisations the ability to:

  • Reduce capital expenditure and accurately forecast operational expenditure
  • Allow IT staff to focus more on adding value to the business
  • Deploy anywhere with their own choice off tools
  • Protect their business with a trusted cloud provider
  • Accelerate application innovation and development
  • Empower their business decisions with powerful analytics and data services

We will outline some of the top business reasons why considering a cloud migration strategy (Azure) would benefit your business or organisation and give you an opportunity to ask questions pertinent to your organisation or industry.

We understand this immense subject would take several long seminars to cover all the business and technical questions that arise from considering this strategy.

We will not be able to cover everything in one session, so, to make sure the topic you need information on is included, please check the list below and let us know what areas you want covered in the attached form.

Complimentary offer of half day’s consultation

These seminars are designed to answer high level questions and give you an opportunity for you to take advantage of our complimentary half day consultation to cover off sensitive issues or other topics not addressed in the seminar. 

Who should attend?

This event is suitable for both business and technical decision makers who are interested to find out about the Microsoft Azure Services.

Why should I attend?

This event will provide valuable insight into how the Azure services fit your organisations decision to adopt a cloud or hybrid strategy.

Potential Topics Covered.

The list below illustrates the key areas we can assist your organisations if you are considering moving to either a hybrid or complete move into the cloud.

Identity and Authentication.

Azure Active Directory simplifies authentication for by providing identity as a service.

Discussion. The growing importance of this subject by illustrating Identity Management in the Cloud, Multi-factor authentication, Identity protection and Conditional access.

Development, Test and Automation (including DevOps elements)

When you have made the move, or are still considering the move into the cloud, it is very important to create processes that will ensure predictable outcomes for any deployment or task.

Discussion. The complexity of this subject and how we deliver predictable outcomes within industry recognised compliance requirements.

Hybrid Datacentre Modernisation

When migrating solutions into the cloud a lot of consideration should go into the servers and the applications you want to run.

Discussion. The important aspects of this topic at high/business level, covering monitoring, Storage automation, servers and applications (IaaS vs PaaS, ASR for migration, security, connectivity, backup, automation).

Disaster Recovery and data backup

One of the biggest topics in cloud migration consideration is Disaster Recovery and Data Backup.

Discussion. High and business level to cover cover topics such as Azure Site Recovery, Azure Backup, Safeguarding Your Applications, Replication & Migration of Workloads, Cloud for DevTest via Replication.

SQL Modernisation/Analytics

SQL servers are a critical component of many business systems. Many run untouched for several years.

Discussion. The importance of SQL licencing, upkeep, the analytics of organisations data and the usability of Power BI.

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