Microsoft 365. Communications in a dispersed environment 2

Intensive workshop 2 – Working with influencers – amplifying your communication activities

Image: Linda Parkinson-Hardman and Andy Pettman from Silversands

Office-based working lives have changed significantly over the last few months, and it’s hard to imagine they will ever fully be the same again. The coronavirus pandemic has given every organisation a chance to see what life would be like if their workforce were enabled to work remotely, given the right tools. But what happens to communication in a dispersed environment, after all not everything that needs to be said is done in an email or chat!

In a series of intensive 2 hour workshops we will take a look at the importance of increasing your communication channels, rather than reducing them and how you can give staff a chance to replicate some of the non-work social interaction that is such an important part of not only their work-life balance but their ideas, suggestions and behaviours.

Intensive 2 – Working with influencers – amplifying your communication activities

Microsoft 365 is a long term investment, not only in terms of the licences, but also in it’s potential to radically change ways of working in your business. To manage this you need one of two things, a dedicated long-term project team (which is unlikely in most organisations) or a great community of influencers you can work with. The latter is by far the most cost effective way of managing change for the long term. In this intensive, we’ll take a look at how you can find the influencers in your organisation and, once you’ve found them, how you can work with them. Read this LinkedIn article to get you thinking.

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Microsoft 365. Communications in a dispersed environment 2

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