Information Protection. What you can do with Microsoft 365

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Information Protection. Protect and manage your sensitive information in Microsoft 365

Customers, staff and communities trust that organisations will safeguard their sensitive information. And compliance standards such as GDPR and ISO/IEC 27000 family require information protection and proper data management. That’s quite a challenge!

In this live webinar, Silversands Lead Consultant, Neil Hobson, shows you how Microsoft 365 provides solutions to address your challenges. By getting this right it delivers numerous benefits:

  • Protects information from leakage, blocking undesired actions & access by untrusted and/or malicious actors. ​
  • Lets you “know” when inf. is accessed by whom and what they did.​
  • Balances user productivity & security needs, including flexibility to automatically apply protection or to guide users to apply the appropriate protection themselves. ​
  • Management kept aware of information, enabling pattern discovery & understand how information flows.


In advance of this webinar it would be worth reading Neil’s blog.

Microsoft Information Protection: Keep your data protected


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Information Protection. What you can do with Microsoft 365


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