How can you help your people understand what to use when, in Microsoft 365?

Working with context and consequence in Microsoft 365 skills development

“The process of learning is irrelevant if no real knowledge is acquired.”

Microsoft 365 is a complex environment offering many different ways to do what often looks like the same thing. In this world, knowing what to use when is key, but the differences are often understood in terms of context and consequence. 

The context is what someone wants to do. The consequence is driven by the outcome they hope to achieve. Take for example a simple action like sharing a file, which is always going to be driven by the multiple decisions staff have to make as there is no single right way to do anything. Context and consequence matter more than you may think.  

Educating staff to consider context and consequence provides a more robust way of developing skills that will last for the long-term rather than the life of a single app or methodology.  

In this video, Linda covers:

  • Understanding the role of context in Microsoft 365  
  • Understanding what we mean by consequence  
  • Using personas and scenarios to help staff differentiate between what’s important and what’s not  
  • Our Knowledge and Learning accelerator    

Who should watch:

Adoption & Change Management, Learning & Development, Senior Leadership

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