What is Bimodal IT? A simple explantion

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Bimodal IT is a term that has been around since 2014. Yet it hasn’t transcended to the heady heights of buzz-word vernacular. Bimodal is a bold play being used by Enterprise IT departments that want to fully embrace digital transformation. Traditionally they rely on big player partners to deliver their transformation projects. Whilst the big partners have the resources to deliver, these projects often come in over budget and late. Of course the big players are usually essential for delivering massive projects, however they lack the flexibility to deliver rapid, experimental solutions. This is where bimodal IT comes in.

So what is it?


“Bimodal is the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work: one focused on predictability; the other on exploration” Gartner

Bimodal IT is two-tiered delivery that allows for the creation of stable and predictable IT systems whilst also providing fast agile projects. IT is broken down into two modes, that work in conjunction. For the partner relationship this means having a big player and a small agile partner in place (potentially a few).

How it works

Mode 1

You optimise for areas that are predictable. Focusing on what is known and renovating the legacy environment, by making it ready for the digital age. This is the traditional role of the large player.

Mode 2

This is the exploratory and experimental mode. Here you are ready to tackle problems that are unknown or still emerging. You start with a hypothesis and you test it until it works. Short iterations, quick bursts and maybe creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). To achieve great value and drive significant change you need both modes. Marrying these two is essential if you want your products and technologies to evolve and serve their purpose in digital transformation. To get this holy grail of IT functions, big players need to define the governance and planning mechanisms to allow a fail fast, fail small mentality to take hold. So what does this mean for selecting your IT partners? Well think big players for solid and steady delivery. Think Agile players, for your experimental projects and new ideas.

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Silversands is a Microsoft Gold Partner which specialises in Microsoft 365 delivered across Azure cloud and Hybrid IT. We provide technical expertise and consultancy around all the Microsoft 365 apps including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Exchange Online, the amazingly powerful Azure platform and we have a recognised Power Platform practice. And to complement that we have a professional Adoption & Change Management Practice which follows the Prosci methodology advocated by Microsoft. We partner in your digital transformation. For a taste of our expertise why not register for one of our webinars on Microsoft 365 and Azure. If you have any questions or want to talk to one of our experts please complete and submit the form below:

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