Twynham School Sixth Form Pupils Learn More about IT Consultancy and Solutions

By Marc Irwin on

Today we had a visit from the sixth form computing department of Twynham School. The visit was designed to give the pupils a focused look at exactly what goes on in the IT industry they are all interested in.

After a tour of the office and facilities the students were taken to a consultation meeting room where they heard testimonial evidence from several areas of the company about our IT solutions and consultancy.

An introduction to Silversands IT solutions and consultancy

Silversands developers, consultants and marketing departments all gave a no holds barred breakdown of exactly what it’s like to work in this industry but more importantly, Silversands. The students were taught about all areas of our services, including our IT support services, software development services, SharePoint consultancy and hybrid cloud services. The attendees asked questions and were treated to some practical advice on how to present themselves to potential employers, how to gain the skills required to get onto the first rung and other areas they could consider working in such as web design, digital marketing, advertising and others.

A creative IT task was set

Then they were split into 3 teams and set a short test. Based on a live project we asked the students to propose a solution to a challenging problem. We were immediately impressed with the way applied themselves to the task and the results were surprisingly resourceful and creative.


They did highlight that with their concept of limited budgets, there were several ways to look at problems and some of their solutions were well thought through and quite diverse. Pizzas for lunch and an opportunity to talk to the team from Silversands rounded off a valuable experience for the students who all walked away with a real insight into the world of IT consultancy and design.

If your school has an IT department and you would like to teach your pupils more about IT consultancy and solutions, please get in touch. We love to inspire young people with our insights and specialist IT knowledge. Call 01202 360000 or fill out the form below.

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