SharePoint Online…All too good to be true?

When I became aware of SharePoint, the Microsoft Mobile and Intelligent Intranet platform, I immediately saw the massive potential but had absolutely no idea how anyone would convince an organisation they are working for, to harness that power. Working on files from anywhere, on any device, live collaboration on documents, both internally and externally, intranets, team sites, Intelligence, insights and business apps. All incredibly empowering for users throughout any business.
I can see the massive advantages it offers but I can also imagine the myriad of issues it throws up when a business is considering SharePoint Online, taking advantage of a whole host of useful apps and integrating them into your business processes… a great deal to consider. Welcome to SharePoint Online!


SharePoint 101.

This will be a relatively fast run down of what you can expect to achieve when you adopt this cloud based service from Microsoft.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a platform within Office 365 that provides an extensive range of collaborative and creative capabilities enabling organisations to share, manage and access information from almost any device.

SharePoint Online Enhancements.

It comes with major enhancements that are designed specifically to improve time to value for businesses. Now, any organisation can adopt a much more agile approach. As long as they have accepted a cloud based platform, making fast, decisions, keeping in touch and getting information on the go or in workplace are simple and effective.

SharePoint Online helps organisations share and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers, it allows groups to set up a centralised, secure space for document sharing, editing and downloading.

The Importance of Data Management

Data management and protection have become the biggest issues in business today. Data loss is non-negotiable and has legal and compliance implications. SharePoint simplifies file storage and collaboration, revolutionising data security by making compliance people-centric.

Sensitive information stays safe and employees have access to the right information at the right time, safe in the knowledge that it’s their own, unique identity that provides access to files and content.

Enabling mobile access to content

SharePoint Online enables these capabilities and provides a modern user experience with better mobile access to content, people and apps along with interactive experiences across all devices, anywhere.

Fully integrated with Office 365 tools, SharePoint Online is packed with features and functionality that will enhance business processes and offer teams the chance to work in a flexible, smart, co-operative way.

Silversands. The SharePoint Specialists.

There is so much to sell SharePoint Online and Microsoft spend millions on promoting their products through just about every channel available. So I don’t think we need to do that anymore.
However, questions do arise that only a super exhaustive search of the internet will answer. And even then it may not be exactly the answer you are looking for. We are a SharePoint Specialist with many years’ experience and have consultants, highly qualified in planning, design, construction, testing, implementation and deployment of applications that can deliver a suite of cloud based services within SharePoint, providing efficient solutions across a wide sections of industrial verticals. For that reason, Silversands can and will share some of its expertise in order for you to make better informed decisions about how to move forward.

SharePoint Online Workshops.

We regularly hold workshops to introduce or update organisations in SharePoint.
At these events you can expect a high level overview that can, if you need descend into a more technical explanation of what you can achieve in SharePoint. However, deep technical dives into the platform are usually done on a more company to company basis as there can be sensitive security issues that need discussing.

Either way, these sessions can be a prefect start point, an affirmation of your intent or the start point for some in depth discussions on how and when to start.

What to expect at a workshop?

This is an overview of the most up to date iteration of SharePoint Online. Including OneDrive for Business, Team Sites, Portals & Publishing, Intelligence & Insights and Business Apps. Each workshop will give you an overview of all these topics and give you ammunition for new questions for your business.

One Drive for Business.

Work on files from anywhere
• Create, upload, and edit files from your desktop, favourite browser, or mobile devices
• Sync with your PC or Mac for convenient offline access

Collaborate in real time
• Easily share documents with anyone, and work together using familiar Office apps
• Co-author on the same file without versioning hassles

Built-in security
• Control sharing, offline sync, storage and device access
• Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities help you identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information

Team Sites.

Hub for content collaboration
• Location where you and your team can work on projects and share information from anywhere on any device
• Store and collaborate on files
• Create and manage lists of information

Team news
• Quickly author a news post – a status update, trip report, highlight a document with some additional content
• News posts are highlighted on the team site home page on both web and SharePoint mobile

Integrated with O365 tools
• Team conversations and calendar from Outlook
• Notepad in OneNote
• Tasks in Planner
• Chat with Microsoft Teams

Portals and Publishing

Organise and share information
• Structured authoring and publishing
• Enforced content management processes
• Intranets, communication portals

Office 365 Video
• Out of the box scalable enterprise video portal solution
• Upload, share, and play back video messages throughout your company

Custom portals
• Design and build custom branded solutions
• Fully responsive, cross browser/device support
• Leverage standard development frameworks

Intelligence and Insights.

SharePoint home
• Easily find and access SharePoint sites and portals
• Recent activity information for frequently visited sites
• Self service creation of new team sites
People cards
• Shows contact information and more about who a person works with and what they work on
• Create and share your information and expertise
• Learn more about other people—their documents and ideas
• View content that’s relevant to you

Business Apps.

Integrate SharePoint with your business processes
• Business analysts and power users can create apps quickly without writing code
• Connect to data in common SaaS and enterprise services
• Build apps without writing code, publish for use on web and mobile
• Create apps directly from a SharePoint list
Microsoft Flow
• Set up automated workflows between apps and services to synchronise files, get notifications and collect data
• Create and launch flows directly from a SharePoint list

If you would like more information on any of the subjects above, please register for one of the workshops you can click to here.

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