SharePoint Migration for the University of Surrey

By Neil Wells-West on

The University of Surrey is one of the UK’s top professional, scientific and technological universities and has a world-class profile and a leading reputation in teaching and research. Read a detailed case study of the SharePoint system migration here.

Limitations with the existing SharePoint system

The University of Surrey had an existing on premise implementation of SharePoint 2010, which, like all on-prem environments, provided a collaborative environment, areas for the storage and management of service documentation and general content creation related to the University departments. They needed to take it a step further and considered SharePoint online services.
However, they had some additional requirements and issues such as;

  • Providing a University-wide EDRM solution for the storage and management of Faculty and Department documents
  • Improving findability of key content and to facilitate intuitive collaboration between project teams using standard tools and applications
  • A reduction in complexity and duplication of content using a bespoke content management system

These issues are common to organisations in this situation and highlight exactly what the advantages and reasons for a SharePoint online migration are and why this is such a positive move going forward.

SharePoint migration services with Silversands

Silversands is a Microsoft Gold Partner, which meant we could provide them with the opportunity to “early adopt” the latest technologies and build consulting services to address the market in advance of the general partner community. They are fortunate to have some of the country’s leading SharePoint specialists and Developers who put together a vision based on the University of Surrey’s big idea and working closely together put together a plan to address all the issues raised.

SharePoint consultancy and Office 365 support

Silversands initial offer to the University’s IT Services department to provide specialist SharePoint consultancy and Office 365 support and assistance to build a proof of concept (POC) using the Office 365 (SharePoint Online) environment.

The POC was successfully delivered and addressed a range of key functional areas and new capabilities provided by SharePoint Online. The University of Surrey subsequently engaged Silversands to assist with the creation of a detailed design and governance framework with a view to progressing the solution to a full implementation/rollout.
The detailed design encompassed several key areas including:

  • Site architecture
  • Search design and framework
  • Site navigation
  • Site content types
  • Managed metadata and term sets
  • SharePoint Online administration


The project was successfully carried out within budget and timeframe and is expected to realise some significant business advantages when implemented. These include; providing a common method for the creation, storage and content management of University documents including reducing duplications and implementing a robust yet flexible archiving and records retention environment that allows for future requirements

Silversands will manage and support this development and are currently working closely with the University on additional work in Azure support.

If you have any questions regarding the SharePoint migration for the University of Surrey, or are interested in learning more about our SharePoint migration services and Office 365 support, please get in touch by calling 01202 360000 or fill out the form below.

You also read more about Silversand’s IT support case studies.

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