Sensitivity labels. Still managing them in the AIP portal?

Image: Sensitivity labels management. Neil's Nuggets #14
By Neil Hobson on

Sensitivity labels. Are you still managing them in the AIP portal

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced that it will ‘sunset’ the management of labels in the Azure Information Protection (AIP) portal on March 31st, 2021. For organisations still managing labels via the AIP portal, that gives a little over 12 months to move to unified labelling and migrate labels to the Microsoft 365 compliance center.

Label management in the Microsoft 365 compliance center has come a long way over the last 18 months or so. Management options include the ability to set encryption, content marking and auto-labelling conditions on the sensitivity label. Also, it’s possible to implement container sensitivity labels if that public preview feature has been enabled. This means that sensitivity labels can be applied to containers such as Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites as you can see below.

Image: Sensitivity label settings screenshot

In the same blog post, Microsoft also announced the March 31st, 2021 timeframe for the sunset of the AIP classic client. Confused by the various AIP clients? In brief:
• When Microsoft announced the unified labelling platform some time ago, it provided a new AIP client referred to as the AIP unified labelling client
• The previous AIP client was then referred to as the AIP classic client.

If you need more information, and to save repeating myself here, you can read further about these clients in my previous nugget Azure Information Protection Updates. I did note in the Microsoft blog post though, the information a bit further down the post that discussed extended support for the AIP classic client. For those organisations using features not currently in the AIP unified labelling client, Microsoft is offering extended support but there are eligibility considerations and deadlines – see the blog post for more information.

See you soon for more nuggets!

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